Will you hear what I hear?

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  • If the people around me don’t have what I have, can they ever really understand how you feel?  What do you all think?  What stories do you have about family, friends, and others around you understanding/not understanding what you are going through?  Are there things that your family and friends have done that have helped them to understand what it is like to live with your condition, or are there things that you have done that have helped them to understand?

    #cantheyeverunderstandhowIfeel #willyouhearwhatIhear

    Samantha Kaplan
  • Having my parents understand my condition was a big challenge for me. When I was diagnosed with Firbomyalgia my older sister was the first to be extremely supportive by researching the condition and helping me find resources. She made it easy for me to be able to talk about it and she was a part of my journey of learning to live with Fibro. On the other hand my parents struggled and spent a lot of time giving me advice that was aggravating. They meant well but they initially did not know how to support me in this journey. Advice ranged from praying the condition away to trying the latest diet fad. It has taken 8 years for us to come to a point where there is greater understanding but I have also had to come to accept that they will never fully understand what it means to have Fibromyalgia and that is ok with me.

    Jerrie Kumalah

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