When health information is confusing

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  • When does information that you encounter or are given leave you more confused about what is going on with your body? Do you find contradicting advice from different resources? How do you decide which resource to trust?¬†Over time, how have you learned to do you deal with this confusion or reconcile differences that you see in information?

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  • I have encountered this a lot in trying to understand how to get rid of my adult acne. I’m 42, never gave birth, and had been battling acne my whole damn adult life. I was on the birth control for a long time, in large part to control my acne, even for a year after I had my tubes tied. I eventually did the Accutane (isotretinoin) treatment and that helped for a few years, but the acne eventually came back.


    Ever since, I have been looking for other ways that were less harmful to the rest of by body (side effects of Accutane include hair loss, sensitivity to light, dry lips and mouth, depression, and other unpleasant things) but that also wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Of course because there are so many acne sufferers out there, there are just as many companies trying to sell you their product which may not have been scientifically tested and therefore no proven results. Because of how hard acne is on a person’s psyche, we are willing to try anything, willing to believe anything, just make it go away! Thus, the information I found on the internet is mostly useless. Eventually I had to go back to the clinic and ask about my options. #confusinghealthinformation #contradictoryhealthinformation


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