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  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Almost 20 years ago when Oprah was having all kinds of “New Age” people on her show, there was something in the air that reached me. Maybe she put it there, I don’t know. She is a very powerful person.
    I was an avid reader and book purchaser and soon my shelves were full of weighty tomes on metaphysics, the collective unconscious, transpersonal psychology, meditation, myths and archetypes, mindfulness, chakras, auras, rebirthing, developing psychic abilities – I think you get the idea. I also became curious about energy and its manipulation for healing. I am talking about “subtle energy”; it is called by different names in different traditions but in the western world it is probably most commonly known as chi, qi, ki, and prana. So when a new spirituality center opened up in my city I went to the open house to learn about Reiki, a hands-on healing method that was developed in Japan and had been in use since the early twentieth century. I had an open mind, but no knowledge of subtle energy or how to manipulate it, or what impact this could have on the body. I walked in late, as usual; so I seated myself as inconspicuously as possible in the back of the room.
    The registered nurse who delivered the presentation asked for a volunteer from the audience so she could demonstrate this hands-on approach to healing via the body’s energy field. I was tempted to raise my hand but didn’t; an older man, probably in his late eighties, walked to the front of the room.
    About 30 seconds after the presenter/practitioner placed her hands lightly on the man’s shoulders, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Gradually it seemed that all of the neurons in my body began to fire, but not in an extreme way; it felt like a pleasant mini-surge of endorphins and dopamine. Then, a peacefulness came over me like a tingly, gentle mist descending. I wasn’t even being touched by the presenter but it sure felt like she had done something to me. And it felt really good.
    There are many forms of energy healing: Reiki, Healing Touch, and Pranic Healing, to name just a few. BodyTalk, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), acupuncture, and acupressure are all forms of energy manipulation. Subtle energy can also be balanced through breathing practices, such as Pranayama.

    Have you employed any touch-based energy therapies – either through a practitioner, or by your own hand – to access the subtle messages your body sends? Have you tried a breathing practice like Pranayama, or perhaps something less formal or of your own design? How has your awareness of your body changed or increased by using these methods?
    How has your body responded to the energy healing modalities listed above? Do you have experience with any others – what was that like? How does your body let you know that it has accepted the changes in its energy field? What does it feel like when your body’s energy field changes, or is healed?
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    Gail Moser
  • Has anyone tried acupuncture or acupressure? How did your body let you know that it did or did not work? What sensations did you experience, if any?

    Gail Moser
    • I have tried acupuncture several times for several different things and never found any relief from it. I know it works for many people but it it just didn’t work for me. Physiotherapy never really helped me either, but other things have. I think it’s important to have an open mind when trying a new mind/body therapy but also to acknowledge when something doesn’t work for us.

  • I want to stress that you don’t have to be a believer in subtle energy or have a “success story” to contribute to this topic or to this forum. If from your own exploration you believe that this is “all a bunch of hooey”, that’s fine, too. Explain how body listening has led you to your conclusion.

    Gail Moser
  • I’ve tried acupuncture and still get it on a regular basis. Even though I’m not sure that it’s helping me I enjoy going. I remember once watching one of the needles in my thigh vibrate and pulse from the incredible tension and energy release going on. I thought that was so cool!
    One of my aunts is a reiki and integrated energy therapy practitioner. I’ve been her guinea pig before but they aren’t treatments that I regularly undergo. My first experience with her was with reiki, and I admit that I went into it thinking it was a bunch of hooey, but willing to give it my all. She walked and talked me through each chakra. At one point when her hands were hovering over my torso I started to feel an incredible heat there. It was as though there was a heating pad directly on my stomach. If I didn’t think reiki was legitimate before that, I was definitely swayed. I learned things about my body’s energy that I didn’t know about before trying those things, like where energy becomes concentrated in my body. I certainly still have a lot to learn.
    #eneryrelease #acupuncture #reiki #integratedenergytherapy #energyconcentrations

    Rachel Carriere
    • I have tried acupuncture as well. I was having pain in my neck that I couldn’t get rid of. Someone I worked with told me about having a chronic pain and trying acupuncture to relieve it. She didn’t believe it would work but nothing else had, and her employer would pay 100% for the treatments through their wellness program. After several acupuncture sessions she no longer had the pain and although a few years had passed since the treatment, the pain had not returned.
      So I found a Groupon for a reduced-price introductory treatment by an acupunture doctor in my area and signed up for it. After the first treatment I felt a great deal more relaxed and calm, in a tingly kind of way, but after that wore off I still had most of the pain. Although my insurance didn’t cover it I went forward with additional treatments. You know how when you are in chronic pain you will try just about anything, and spend your last dollar to relieve it? After the first two or three treatments I mostly noticed the relaxed calmness, but after the fourth and fifth treatments I realized actual pain relief. With the seventh treatment the pain left my body and I stopped going to the acupuncture doctor.
      Eventually I discovered that my neck pain was caused by a shoulder issue and when that was resolved the neck pain was gone. Occasionally (probably because I use or hold my shoulder incorrectly when I’m stressed) the shoulder gets messed up and causes my neck to hurt again. I have other remedies for fixing my shoulder that usually work, but if I get into a situation again with unremitting neck pain I think I will try acupuncture treatments again, but concentrating on the area of my shoulder that actually is referring the pain to my neck.
      #acupuncture #illtryanything #chronicpain

      Gail Moser
  • Has anyone tried the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)? I learned about EFT in 2001, but it was only a couple of years ago that I tried the energy meridian tapping with spoken affirmations.
    I wish I could say with empirical authority what the results were but unfortunately I was using other methods at the same time in an attempt to remove pain and deal with past trauma. (Trying everything at once to speed up the process – who wants to hurt any longer than they have to?)
    So even though I experienced some emotional breakthroughs during that period, I can’t say for certain that they were due to my tapping. Also I don’t know if it had any effect on my pain.
    Here is Dr. Mercola’s website which has information on EFT: It has a video about it. It’s 11:29 and pretty comprehensive.
    #emotionalfreedomtechnique #eft #illtryanything

    Gail Moser
    • I have tried EFT! I know some people for whom tapping is really therapeutic, but it hasn’t really resonated with me. I like the physical aspect of the tapping. It’s meditative and calming. The reason that I haven’t incorporated EFT into my repertoire of healing/coping techniques is that I haven’t enjoyed the chanting part of the practice. I haven’t found a mantra that resonates with me, and it ends up feeling forced and contrived.
      I like what AppleStreudel said, that it’s important to acknowledge when something doesn’t work for us. This is something I often have trouble with. For example, with acupuncture – I continue to go even though I can’t pinpoint that it’s helping me over any other therapies that I’m trying. It’s relatively affordable for me compared to other things I’ve tried, and I like the practitioner that I see, so I continue to go even though I can’t strongly justify why. I do believe that acupuncture really helps some people, but I don’t have a success story yet.
      #illtryanything #emotionalfreedomtechnique #eft #acupuncture #chronicpain #nosuccessstoryhere #noteverythingworks

      Rachel Carriere
  • Does anyone have any experience with the BodyTalk System? Feel free to share it here. We are interested in how your body clues you into its response to the treatment, no matter the outcome.
    #bodytalk #bodyclues

    Gail Moser
    • I had a friend who became a Body Talk practitioner several years ago. I had a couple sessions with her and one with one of her colleagues. It’s been a while now but from what I recall, it was helpful in interesting ways, but not in ways you would expect.

      It was a challenging time in my life as I was waiting to immigrate to the United States. I was 3,000 miles away from my husband, didn’t have much income, and was processing a lot of stress at the time. I had managed to pick up some part time work that was extremely physical (which I loved, actually), doing construction and pouring concrete. I don’t remember having any specific physical issues that took me to the sessions, but my body had lots to say to the Body Talk practitioner who then translated and communicated it to me.

      A Body Talk session is much like any other mind-body therapy, where they have you lay on a table. There was a meditation at the beginning. My memory is a bit fuzzy about all the techniques they use (and I’m sure it can be found on the Internet for those who are interested) but I remember something with drops of water, lots of tapping of places on my extremities, and some guided breathing.

      Our bodies internalize many things that our subconscious picks up that our conscious mind may not. Sometimes that manifests in physical ways so our body forces us to “pay attention” to something we may have been ignoring. I once had a massage therapist tell me “our bodies will always prevent us from doing things we shouldn’t be doing” (I may have mentioned that in another post/thread here). After these Body Talk sessions I didn’t experience any physical sensations or relief, but I had a much clearer understanding of the big picture of what was going on in my life at the time and steps I needed to take to make things easier for me.

      If I could afford it and if I knew of a Body Talk practitioner near me now, I would absolutely do it again. I’m pretty good at listening to some obvious clues but I think the subtle ones still evade me. We could all use a little help, I think.


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