Seasonal rhythms

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  • For most of my life, I have lived in a part of the world

    with four distinct seasons, and as they change, there’s a clear shift in my energy and outlook.

    The cycle has become predictable, for instance, in the fall, I get caught up in the back­to­school

    frenzy and am ready to dive in and start new projects. In the winter, I want to hunker in, drink

    soup and nap more often. The springtime finds me ready to bust out and spend all day in the

    garden, and in the summer, I swing from wanting to nap in a hammock to feeling energized and

    trying to finish projects. Do you notice a similar range of energies, depending on the season?

    Do you think it’s different in places where there aren’t four distinct seasons? #seasonalrhythms

  • I sometimes think that I like locations (and so, climates, seasons and weather patterns) that maybe aren’t so good for me. For example, I like hot weather, and I have spent much of my life in tropical places. But I think that I do have trouble moving and my body gets sluggish in the heat. #hotweather #sluggish #conflict

    • I’ve always loved the beach, and with a very fair complexion, it’s probably not the ideal spot for me… though the slowing down that happens in the hotter weather let’s me know to embrace time for a break. #vacationspots

  • “Daylight saving” starts tonight/tomorrow early a.m., and this always throws me off kilter a bit. Though I’ll be happy for the evening light lingering longer, I’ve gotten used to the sun rising earlier and prompting me from the covers. “Losing” an hour of sleep is always difficult to recover from, too. #daylightsavings

  • I live in a location that is hot most of the year.  We might get some chill in January/February but, for the most part, highs of 70s to mid-80s is what we deal with during the early months of the year.  Daylight Savings (minus the losing an hour of sleep) actually makes things a bit better for me b/c I get exposed to more sunlight.  As summer hits around the beginning of May (highs of 80s to mid-90s but 100 isn’t out of the question) and progresses to highs of mid-90s to low 100s in June-September, I actually find I’m the most active.  I can’t handle cold anymore (even air conditioning is painful if it’s too chilly – I get grumpy quick so I keep a cardigan in the car for when I need it) and love to go outside and just bask in the warmth.  October-December we see cooler temperatures but highs still reach into the 90s.  With the loss of sunlight we experience, I also experience a loss of energy.  Then allergy season hits in mid-December to the beginning of May…  that’s my most painful, tired, stiff, groggy time of the year (initially I thought Christmas was wearing me out but now I know better).  I guess my seasons here are winter/spring (because they blend), summer/summer (from hot to hotter), fall, and allergy season (mid-December to May).  #fourseasons  #blendedseasons  #sunlighthelps  #heatissoothing

  • Yes, the soothing, and at the same time energizing effect of sunlight. #sunlighthelps

  • I agree that seasonal rhythms can impact our energy level because in general I feel more energized in warmer weather and my body naturally slows down when the weather is cold, but I also find that the direct effect of a season on the body can be harder to detect with some illnesses. #seasonalrhythms #illness

  • I can see how that would be true – more nuance, and energy levels tied to how you feel, not how long the days are.

  • I’ve been talking about this all along, in this first segment. It is my way to merge with the day’s weather, the season’s themes and changes.

    I have lived in many different climates, environments. In the tropics or in the severe cold, the wheel of the year still turns and we can observe the changes in the landscape and weather. They may be more subtle but in wind direction alone, there is change.

    My body prefers a particular one and I am steering my life towards moving back there. My husband can live in any climate, it’s his constitution. Not me, I keep time by the Moon, move with the waters and need to witness and be affected by these tidal flows in order to be my most fulfilled self.  #playbythemoontides


    • I agree – if it’s been a while since I’ve been to (or near) the ocean, I feel a physical pull to return. #healingocean

  • I was born in a small costal village and I truly believe my body responded negatively to living in a city. I love the sea in all her guises, calm and tranquil, stormy and savage. There is beauty in her tidal fluctuations. The sound of waves crashing on a shingle beach takes me back to my childhood. My body relaxes when I’m by water.#oceanrelax#positivetrigger

  • My friend and I used to always comment that during the winter we became depressed, ached more, and life was generally more dull. It’s more now that I am noticing the other more subtle effects I personally find occur during Autumn and Spring. They bring comfort and a little respite while Witner and Summer are my extremes. #spring #autumn #middleway


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