Redefining Success and Work

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  • Through this process of balancing life, illness and work I had to learn to become self-aware and be gentle and kind to myself. Growing up success looked very specific to me and it never occurred to me that my trajectory might not look anywhere close to what I had envisioned. In order to truly accept my strengths and limitations I have had to accept myself fully and embrace the body that I have. I have had to redefine what success means to me. And I have had to learn to think of creative ways to accomplish what I have dreamed for myself while at the same time fully respecting my body and taking the time to take care of myself, manage treatments, pace myself and slowing down.


    How have you redefined success for yourself? Here is a pep-talk I gave myself and then chose to share with the world at an event. ( How have you redefined what work looks like for you? What tools have been the most helpful in allowing you to remain in the workplace?

    #redefinework #redefinesuccess

    Jerrie Kumalah

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