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  • In this journey we call life, have you found obstacles that seemed to halt your progress or growth? Many of us waste precious time and energy attempting to move huge life-boulders. If in those moments we could re-frame our situation – by seeing it in another light or from an alternative viewpoint – we might recognize that they are only obstacles at first glance. Perhaps they are not there for us to move or get around, but to step on and over.
    Are these obstacles the path to higher ground in the storm of life? They bring a different vantage point from which to view our overall situation. Perhaps they keep us from drowning in the rapids of daily existence.
    Have you used this type of re-framing to get through a difficult health or emotional situation? Can you see the positive, or even the beauty, in your experience? Have you come to view a former obstacle as a gift?
    #reframing #obstacles #beauty #gift

    Gail Moser
  • In addition to having Lyme, 2 months ago I was diagnosed with a air cyst in my lung.  If it were to rupture, it could cause my lung to collapse.  They want me to do another CT scan before I travel to make sure that it hasn’t grown.  Initially when I found out about it, it rocked my world for a day or so.  I have been planning a long trip back east to see my daughter graduate from high school and it looked like this could perhaps prevent me from going.  I discussed the situation with my counselor and she encouraged me not to “have my pain in advance.”  She said that the time would go by anyways and I could choose to be sad and worry about it or live my life to the fullest in the meantime.  I decided to not “have my pain in advance” and to be positive about what I could do in the now.  Her advice to me has been very helpful.  I have set a limit on how my condition can affect me.  I am still waiting to have the CT scan done, but I’m also planning my trip back East and I’m enjoying my life in the meantime!

    #reframing  #nothavingmypaininadvance  #livinglife

    • Thank you so much for sharing this findjoyagain. I really like your coping strategy. We always hear about how we should set limits with our children, friends, and even work. I have never thought to “set a limit on how much my condition can affect me”. It’s all about boundaries! And enjoying life in the moment, as much as we possibly can.

      #reframing #settinglimits #enjoylife

      Gail Moser
  • I feel like the obstacle can be the path itself. I didn’t choose the path however choosing to resent treading it contributes to diminished health. I love “Do not have your pain in advance”. The obvious simile to me is to not have your illness/disability in advance. And yet I would be foolish to not start making plans to accomodate it. The very least I can do is begin to mentally prepare myself for the possibilities. Sometimes I need a reality check as my disease process is slow and I adapt to my new symptoms and reduced capabilities. I forget that I am sick. Similar to findjoyagain the positive that I can see is patience and being in the moment.

    • Zepplin, I agree with you about making plans especially since you know your illness is progressing. I think there is a big difference between preparing mentally, and catastrophizing about one’s situation. This puts me in mind of the “emotional decoupling” Rachel mentioned in her post last week – she used mindfulness to separate herself from her pain and analyze it in a nonjudgmental way. It sounds like you might be doing something similar, analyzing your illness objectively so you can be prepared and make informed decisions.
      I’m still chewing on “the obstacle can be the path itself”. That’s very thought-provoking.
      #catastrophizing #emotionaldecoupling #beinginthemoment #pathvsobstacle

      Gail Moser
  • The obstacle is the path itself… Zepplin


    <span style=”color: #404040; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; font-size: 26.7969px; line-height: 48.2344px;”>Perhaps the obstacles are not there for us to move or get around, but to step on and over… Gail Moser</span>

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