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    How do you determine whether a personal care product (soap, toothpaste, makeup, etc) interacts negatively (or positively!) with your body?

    Rachel Carriere
  • This is also a great place to add food or environmental issues that you have experience with that weren’t covered in our previous questions this week. What kind of interesting learning experiences have you had that have arisen from listening to your body?

    Rachel Carriere
  • I have spent most of my adult life living on a coast, in humid environments. For just over two years now, I have been living in the desert. I *love* the desert but it means my skin is dry all the time, and regular moisturizers just don’t work well enough.


    By accident I happened to buy Vitamin E oil (since my favorite vitamin E cream was not available) and WOW it was a revelation. My skin drank it up and I said goodbye to dry skin! As a bonus, the brand I bought (JASON) smells like marzipan so when I put it on I smell delicious!


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