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  • Music is another powerful way to enhance mood. The rhythms of nature (ocean sounds,

    walks in the woods) can be soothing and induce relaxation. What ways do you use music to

    influence your mood? For instance, do you have a favorite genre for work­outs, to aid in calming

    down, for inducing a “good” cry, etc.? #musicformood

  • I like that you mentioned the sounds of nature. During a particularly bad period of anxiety a couple years ago I was having trouble falling asleep. I discovered that listening to nature sounds on a white noise machine helped slow my breathing and my mind, and helped calm my mood enough so that I could let my body sleep. I’ve started incorporating nature sounds into some of my waking activities to help calm me down at times. Cooking and reading to nature sounds helps me!
    #naturesounds #calmingnature

    Rachel Carriere
  • I use white noise to help with sleep too, for me it’s a fan. I’ve thought about using nature sounds, seems like the ocean would be a great soundtrack for sleep. #soothingsounds


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