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  • Sometimes we have physical manifestations of stress, such as muscle tension, that give us

    clues about our moods when we may not be otherwise aware. Do you have these signals? How

    do you use them to understand the cyclical nature of mood and physical well­being?


  • My senior year of high school my mother donated a kidney to her sister. As a family we all acknowledged that it was a “big deal” in some ways, she’d have to travel for the surgery and would be gone for several weeks. When she returned there would be extensive recovery. But other than that, her attitude was that it was similar to a haircut appointment, she’d show up and be trimmed and then come home, and she treated it with just as much gravity. She set the tone for our family and how we should handle it and I thought that I felt the same way. But I didn’t. I didn’t totally realize how disparate our views were until one morning I woke up and couldn’t turn my neck to the right at all – so painful and hard was the knot in my neck. Even though I though I was able to mirror my mother’s words and mood, my body wasn’t and manifested the stress elsewhere. It was one of the first times I started thinking about how I could fool my mind but not my body.

    #thebodyspeaks #thebodydoesntlie

    Samantha Kaplan

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