Mindfulness and spirituality

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  • This can be a sensitive topic for some, so please keep in mind that the purpose of this forum is to openly accept all beliefs and practices as they contribute to our learning, healing, and growth.
    Spirituality is at the root of mindfulness, and many who study mindfulness come across practices and teachings from religion or spiritual beliefs. Prayer and meditation seem to go hand in hand to many people, and we’ve had prayer mentioned by several people in our own exploration these past weeks. While spirituality is getting a little away from our discussion of body listening, I think it bears mentioning as part of our conversation since it can be such a crucial part of how people experience their world and themselves.
    In my reading up on meditation I became interested in some of the Buddhist practices that I came across, and one of them in particular, Tonglen, has stuck with me as I’ve developed my own mindfulness routine. Tonglen has become my favorite breathing exercise while I’m meditating or doing a progressive body scan. Simply put, it’s breathing in pain and suffering — from yourself and others — and breathing out warmth and compassion.  Sending positive energy out into the world. I think what I like most about this practice is that it feels bigger than myself. It allows me take the focus off of my individual experience and think outwardly.  It makes my pain seem less significant.  Are there aspects of religious or spiritual practices that you have incorporated into your mindfulness?
    If you have explored spiritual aspects of mindfulness, how has this exploration contributed to your mindfulness practice and your techniques for coping with your pain or illness?
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    Rachel Carriere

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