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  • yoga-1234525_1280I think that many of us are aware of movement-based practices that incorporate mindfulness. Yoga, in particular, provided my first introduction to the concept long before I ever felt the need for mindful awareness. Tai chi also comes to mind as a common mindful practice, as well as walking meditation (I think that one has become my favorite!). Even though my initial mindfulness practice was an unintentional by-product of my interest in yoga, when I came to the realization that mindfulness would be pivotal in treating my chronic hip pain, yoga was the first technique I turned to since it was the one I was most familiar with. From there I began to learn about more methods for mindfulness in movement. #mindfulmovement #mindfulyoga #walkingmeditation

    How have you incorporated movement-based mindfulness practices into your regimen? Did you pick up this practice as a physical therapy that happens to have a mindfulness component, or as a mindfulness practice that happens to have a physical component?

    Are there other activities in your routine that incorporate mindfulness unintentionally? For example, for me blow drying my hair has become a sort of meditative activity. It’s a block of time where I am doing a repetitive activity that takes little concentration, and I’ve developed the habit of using that time to do a little body awareness exercise and meditate. The white noise from the hair dryer makes it very pleasant!

    Rachel Carriere
  • I’m not sure if this counts but many knitter friends of mine and I feel that knitting is a form of meditation because it requires at least some level of mindfulness and it is a way for people who have some level of immobility to “get something done”. Maybe the idea of knitting as therapy/meditation belongs elsewhere in the Body Listening Project, but being exposed to color and texture (and in some cases, sound [clicking needles]) is a way for people to relax. #unintentionalmindfulness #creatingmindfulness #accidentalmeditation #knitting

    • Yes, I think that counts! I am not a knitter but I can absolutely see how the rhythmic motions would enable meditation. I’m interested in learning more about how people are incorporating mindfulness into their everyday activities, intentionally or not.

      Rachel Carriere
  • I do stretches every day, and I also like to dance to songs on the radio. This really helps to de-stiffen my body.

    #movementtomusic #dance


    • I love hearing this, Doris! Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be a quiet affair! Thanks for contributing how you incorporate mindfulness into your day and make it your own.

      Rachel Carriere
  • Years ago I participated in NIA (neuromuscular integrative action, https://nianow.com/about-nia ) regularly and I also would dance to music on the radio, but over the past month since I wore a pedometer I’ve become very mindful of increasing my walking. I try to stay focused on each step without rushing; which is hard for me because I’m normally a fast walker. #neuromuscularintegrativeaction #movementtomusic #dance #walking


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