Guess what my body told me today

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  • The patient becomes the educator in how the condition manifests in them – teaching both provider and non-provider, but the transition from listener to teller isn’t always smooth. What happened when you tried to tell others what your body told you? What did you try to tell them? When did you try to tell them? I’ve tried to explain certain migraine triggers to friends only to experience eyerolls or laughs. Efforts to share other, more personal, triggers have been rebuffed because they might require change in the person I’m sharing it with. #listentowhatmybodytoldme #evenwhenitaffectsyou

    Samantha Kaplan
  • I have had similar experiences. My boyfriend jokes that i can blame the changes in the moon for some of my symptoms. My body is sensitive to many environmental factors and subtle changes that others don’t experience which makes it really hard for people to relate or understand. Most of my close friends are very understanding which makes it easier for me.

    Jerrie Kumalah
  • I am often reluctant to share what my body has told me today… even with those that are usually understanding.  I can tell when a new weather front is coming in because of the aches that precede it.  I can tell when I’m getting ready to start without having to look at the calendar.  I can tell when quite a few different things are going on just from what my body is telling me.  There are times when it whispers and there are times when it yells.  There are quick texts and long, drawn out messages.  As I sit here and type, I have pain in my right wrist, my hips and knees ache, and my shoulders/neck are really bugging me.  The pain in my right wrist is something that pops up when I’m stressed about something…  I have been invited to a ladies luncheon tomorrow and I’m already tensed up over it.  When my body is communicating with me, it’s best that I listen so that I can take a few moments to breathe and tell myself it will all be alright.  I’m going with a friend, so I should be okay…  It’s just difficult because a lot of the ladies at the church are uber-cheerful and, while I’m happy, uber-cheerful I am not.  #itshardtoconvey  #understandingpeoplearethebest


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