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  • In his 1979 book, Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins introduced many of us to the

    positive power of laughter in healing. Have you explored the use of laughter as a way to

    enhance your mood, or as a healing modality? If so, in what way, e.g. watching funny movies,

    comedy shows, laughter yoga, etc.? What have been the effects?


  • I follow a lot of funny accounts on Twitter that make me laugh. Over the six years I have been on it, I have developed a community of great people with whom I have some great relationships, and I also follow a bunch of accounts that tweet animal photos. Cat photos and videos can be so therapeutic! My own kitty passed away just before Christmas and I miss having a kitty around (we’ll get more cats once we know if we are going to move out of where we are now or staying) so having pictures and videos of animals doing funny things does wonders for my mood. #cattherapy #funnyanimals

  • That’s lovely – we’re in the in-between time with a dog. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try getting my fix visually. #dogtherapy


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