Introduction to Week 8

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  • Art-WeekHello Friends,
    Welcome to Art Week! I’m back as your moderator and I have some fun, intuitive, and expressive art-making activities for you to try out. These are super easy activities, but still thought- and feeling-provoking. They will give your body another way to send you its messages, with minimum expense and maximum enjoyment. You don’t have to be an artist, or have any art experience or training – everyone can do this! Even if you have never made art before – you can participate in this week’s forum. Here’s a sneak peek at the activities planned for this week:

    • Monday: Express Your Psyche with paint blots
    • Tuesday: Explore Bodily Sensations while making marks to music
    • Wednesday: Communicate Emotions through paint colors and brushstrokes
    • Thursday: Relate Sensory Experiences by doodling while you eat
    • Friday: Experience Release by moving the paper to move the paint
    • Saturday: Experience Freedom by painting like a kindergartner

    Each day I’ll post simple instructions that tell you exactly what supplies you will need and show you how to get started. Music is an integral part of the design of the activities, and there’s a different music playlist for each activity. Play the music on your smartphone, tablet, or computer using the link to the free Spotify app. You will find that music affects your overall art experience; it will affect the pace and velocity of the marks or brushstrokes you make, and even your color choices. The music playlists are especially important for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s activities, which have been scored and timed to help you to tune into your body. Of course you can always listen to your own music – but before deciding to do that, please give the playlists a try.
    Fifteen minutes will usually be sufficient for most of the activities if you are working on a small paper surface – but you can spend more time if you have it available at the moment, or later. Once you get into the zone, you might not want to stop. So keep going!
    I am looking forward to reading about your experiences with making art and how it ties into listening to your body, and I can’t wait to see the artwork you make. Here’s to a fun week of tuning into our bodies with intuitive and expressive art! :-)

    Gail Moser

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