Introduction to Week 7

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  • This week we will discuss how we convey the information we glean from listening to our bodies in different contexts. How do you share (or not share) what your body tells you with family? With coworkers? An additional moderator, Jerrie, will be sharing her experiences with us this week to expand our conversation to workplace contexts. I hope to hear from you. – Sami

    Monday: Once I start listening, am I the expert?
    Tuesday: Will you hear what I hear?
    Wednesday: Guess what my body told me today
    Thursday: How do others learn to listen to my body?

    Jerrie’s discussions:

    Thursday: Creating the right balance at work
    Friday: Disclosing in the Workplace and Advocating for yourself
    Saturday: Accepting that your professional success might look different from everyone else’s

    Samantha Kaplan

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