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  • Welcome to the fourth week of the Guided Exploration. During this time our discussions will center around pain management and we’ll explore different facets of this concept. As your moderator, I can’t wait to read what you have to say about these topics!
    – Sami
    I want to hear about how you:
    • Realized there was more going on than everyday aches and pains
    • Learned the language of your condition
    • Handled your diagnosis or lack thereof and how it impacted you
    • Learned or are still learning what different kinds of pain mean
    • Navigate using medication and deal with side effects
    • Manage your condition while trying to live your life


    Monday: It’s been longer than I realized – the undertow & What do you call it?
    • When did you start to sense there was something more serious going on? How?
    • How did you find the language to describe what was happening to your body?
    Tuesday: I’ve been diagnosed, so why do I feel worse?
    • Did diagnosis end your journey or start a new one?
    Wednesday: Medication can be magic – but is it good or bad magic?
    • Medication and all that comes with it, good and bad
    Thursday: Monitoring my pain to manage it
    • The nitty-gritty of pain management
    Friday: What else am I hearing?
    • Once we start listening to our bodies – can we hear about more than our conditions?

    Saturday: A pain in my head = a pain in my life

    • How does being in pain “hurt” other parts of your life?
    Samantha Kaplan

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