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  • How do you know if you’ve hit your limit? What signals does your body give you? What do you do to help stay within your limits? #hittingyourlimit

  • When my brain gets too fuzzy. Or I get a headache. There is a part of my back that will hurt when am overdoing things overall.

    Quite often the solutions are simple: step away from the computer, drink some water, take a bath, go to bed. #stayingwithinlimits

    • Yes, I agree, for me it’s in my neck, so I also add neck rolls. #simplesolutions

  • In the past – I ignored limits – and used adrenaline and passion to push through.  Now, it is fatigue, and body pains, and a knowing – but sometimes, I find the best action when things seem to be really rotten is to go do something you love, and it always helps to have a beloved drag you along.  Last night I got to my first life drawing lab in a year.  The creative fire fueled the moment and it was marvelous to be unaware of the pain.  A special treat.

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    • Thank you for these – marvelous.

      • Grins of #gratitude for #bodywisdom

    • Dymond, thank you for the images… they are inspiring.:)

      The life drawing lab sounds awesome.


      Ignoring limits is something that I used to do a lot more too… and the “adrenaline and passion” push is something I know well.:)  Over time, the “knowing” part you talked about has become larger — for me, that means “knowing” the pain better (where it is, how long it will last depending on how I engage with it, how I can make it better), and then dialoguing with myself to decide what to do next. The adrenaline and passion are still there, a critical part of my decision of what to do next, whether it means to keep going, to stop, or something else. #ignorelimits #adrenalinepassionpush #knowing #mentaldialogue

      • Annie, I find myself in the same place! Pain, odd as it is, well, it has become a #lovelyteacher #slowingdowntolisten

  • I know I’ve hit my limit when I’m so tired my face goes numb.  I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to do anything, engage, smile or even think… I want to go home and breathe deeply in the quiet.  I will absolutely ignore the signs I’m hitting my limit if it’s something that’s fun or I’m really interested in what I’m doing.  I normally pay for it over the next couple of days by being very exhausted and achy as a result.  Pushing through is the name of the game for fun and interesting activities.  During the summer, I’ll take my sons to do something fun one day and then the next day will be what we call a home day so I can recover.  I’ve found that pre-planning activities helps a great deal and scheduling downtime keeps me from being put out of commission for longer than is necessary. Another sign I’ve hit my limit is that my shoulders start creeping up toward my ears as my muscles tighten up.  My neck gets so achy…  A hot bath and an early bedtime are lovely.  #planahead  #taketimetorecover

    • I, too, have found the benefits of downtime, or what my nephews called “a pajama day” when they were young. They delighted in the notion of wearing pajamas way past lunchtime. #pajamaday

    • I have noticed that I, too, get to feeling this way.  Lacking of desire to engage in things (even simple, small things that add up to normally enrich my day) and just an all around feeling of distress…an inability to function optimally.  And I am so finding that just as in the previous comments just stopping and reconnecting to myself and the things and activities that hold meaning for me are so essential for it all to come back together again.  I recently read a quote that stated: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.” (Anee Lamott)  —  so very very true for me too.

  • Fibromyalgia has been very isolating experience for me.  The “adrenaline rush” kicks in and I gain a lot of energy and enthusiasm being around others. Fun activities help me to distract me my pain and focus on an exciting & enjoyable experience. I still have my limits even during the most fun activity. If the lights are too bright or music is playing too loud I can get a migraine. I am not shy about asking to have lights and music turned down.

    Last weekend I took a two hour art class using the ZenTangle technique for drawing artistic doodles using specific patterns and techniques. I find art and craft activities to be very therapeutic & fun. I enjoy any excuse to get out of my house & be social. Isolation only triggers depression.

    I also enjoy photography. I am just an amateur but it brings me great joy to capture natures beauty or take a great photograph of an individual.I find I get lost in the moments and am not aware of the strain I am putting on my arms and wrists until after a long photography session. I need to be better about setting time limits and wearing a watch. I should set the alarm on my cell phone so that I do not overdue. I can be very stubborn and I often fight through the pain because I want to continue doing activities that bring me a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

    Although I know my body will need a full day to recover from even a few hours of activity I find the trade of worth it. I purposely try to not schedule Dr. Appointments on Mondays because I am my most active on weekends having fun  with my husband.

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    #Social activities # distraction from pain

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  • These are beautiful photos, y’all have posted. I have no artistic flair to settle me down through exhaustion. I have a favorite saying, “I’m REALLY done here” while I attempt to do just one more thing before I can give myself permission to crash. When I’m feeling this scream start coming up from my gut, I do retreat into my healing room and lie there with the door closed….breathing myself back into peace.

    Problem is, I’ve been really done for 5 years now with this particular issue and while there is an end in sight; my hair has been falling out, my adrenals are shot, I put on weight and had to let a lot of my clients go.

    Here’s the punchline: “I’m REALLY done with THIS.” I set intent each morning to live my life to its fullest, to “play” all day and don’t beat myself up when I stray off the path. Because each morning, I get to set intent again.

    It’s working. I am resuscitating my career, reworking my responsibilities to accommodate me first and my so-called “limits” have expanded. I come first, my love for me comes first. Hallelujah, I can still keep waking up! #limitlessopportunitieswithoutloss


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