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  • In my foray into nutritional medicine I’ve learned how common it is to take herbal supplements to complement what foods we are prescribed to eat. I’ve largely deferred to my doctor to tell me what brands of supplements to use, but when I buy supplements on my own I have a hard time deciphering which brands I can trust. I also am uncertain which actual supplements are useful for my body. I took fish oil supplements and glucosamine supplements for quite a while until my doctor mentioned that, even though they weren’t harming me to consume, they weren’t providing any benefit to my body.
    How do you learn about herbal medicines and supplements, and how to you choose which to take? How have you learned which brand to choose?

    Rachel Carriere
  • I feel like I’m still learning about this all the time! I take magnesium daily and still accidentally buy the wrong kinds frequently. My doctor gave me a handout which had all the different kinds of magnesium usually available (ex: magnesium oxide, magnesium aspartate, magnesium citrate) listed in the order most preferred and why. It really helped me decipher the different supplements. As for brands – I’m still looking for help! Sometimes I buy them online because there I have access to the reviews. What do all of you do? #confusingsuffix #supplementwhat #toomanychoices #teachmetoshop

    Samantha Kaplan

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