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  • What persons, tools, or sources provide support to you in managing your condition? It could be a patient advocate, a family caregiver, an inspirational website, or maybe a relaxing CD. Please share them with us and use a hashtag to classify it.


    Some examples are below: #meditationsite

    Diary/journal #journal #moodtracking #selfnurture

  • Some of the sources I use include:

    • Health care providers including massage practitioners, acupuncturists, chiropractirs, naturopaths, physicians, and physical therapists.
    • Friends and family
    • My professional community of #massage# practitioners (local, state and national)
    • My spiritual/social community
    • My respected #elders# – First nation teachers
    • Various websites
    • Library (including Heal-WA), textbooks and periodicals
    • Community centers for self care activities and movement courses
    • Self as source
  • #Massage



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