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  • It took a long time for me to realize the link between my nausea and sugar consumption. At first I didn’t realize that my occasional dizziness resulted from anything I was eating or drinking, and then it took me even longer to realize that it was sugar in particular. Now that I realize it, it seems so obvious. What other signals from my body and I missing?
    How have you used your body’s signals to determine any food sensitivities?  Have there been cases where the degree of your sensitivity has changed over time, and how have you experimented with your diet to determine these changes?  Have external factors contributed to food sensitivity in your body?

    Rachel Carriere
  • I’ve found lactose to be a challenge! In college during a family crisis I suddenly became highly sensitive to all dairy. The sensitivity arrived within a day of the crisis. Cheese, usually a favorite, was now a dangerous game. It wore off within a week or two, but now during periods of high emotional stress I stay away from dairy. But every so often I consume dairy and have a bad reaction when I wouldn’t expect it – which makes me ask myself, “is there something stressing me out more than I realize?” Over time, spontaneous lactose intolerance has become a way for my body to tell me how much something might be bothering me.

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    Samantha Kaplan
    • That’s impressive. You were able to determine the source of your body’s signals to uncover what foods trigger your reaction, but also stress as an additional trigger that contribute as well. I’m thinking stress is a trigger for other people as well. I haven’t determined how stress changes my food sensitivities yet, but I am still learning to listen. I wonder if there are other people who adopt a different diet when they are stressed to account for this.
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      Rachel Carriere
  • I am very thankful that I have not had any food sensitivities/allergies and therefore no need to undergo any sort of elimination diet.

    However, over the Christmas break recently I did what is called a juice “Reboot” and found that after those 10 days, there were things I could no longer tolerate without consequences. Fried food, especially deep fried, is now off the list. As much as I love cheese, too much makes me feel heavy and gross. We have even significantly reduced our meat consumption and are moving towards a whole-foods plant-based diet. #foodmybodyrejects

  • Yes, it’s interesting how eliminating and adding foods back can uncover food sensitivities! Now that I’ve almost completely cut my gluten consumption, I’ve noticed some reactions to it that I never singled out before (bloating and discomfort, mostly). What prompted me to give up gluten wasn’t a search for food sensitivities, but rather an attempt to adopt an anti-inflammation diet as a result of a possible Lyme diagnosis and to help with my chronic hip pain.
    I was pointed in the direction of The Lyme Diet by my naturopath who prompted me to do some research. There are several Lyme diets but I learned most about Dr. Kenneth Singleton’s diet. He wrote a book called The Lyme Disease Solution and there is a spin off cookbook called Recipes for Repair. It’s a four phase diet with the first phase being the most restrictive. Then you slowly add foods back to help you uncover any food sensitivities.
    I know this is just one of many elimination diets, not only for treating Lyme Disease but all manner of ailments. I’ve found that it requires a lot of diligence. And, like AppleStudel mentions, it’s strange to all of a sudden have a reaction to foods that you’ve been eating without consequence all of your life! What a mystery the body is!
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    Rachel Carriere
  • Twenty years ago, I had a sensitivity to certain types of foods that was never diagnosed (despite the fact that I saw quite a few health care practitioners). At that time, what would happen is that whenever I had foods that would be considered “staples”, e.g. pasta, bread, rice, noodles, etc., I would feel extremely chilled and lose all of my energy. There were times when, after dinner, I would have on several layers and be lying on the floor, immobilized, despite the 90F weather where I was at the time. When I first started trying to figure out what I was reacting to, it was extremely difficult because I was sensitive to many things including these staples (and still am). As many of you may know, it’s hard to separate these things out.
    When I realized that it was all of the staples, especially pasta, I cut them all out of my diet, for about a decade, I think. At some point, I thought, maybe it would be okay to re-introduce them, and I have. Today, I am able to eat all of those things, though of course I do it in moderation.
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