Activity: Experience Release

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  • DSC00355 croppedI’ve entitled this activity “Experience Release”. It could just as easily be called “Pour Your Heart Out” and “Go with the Flow”. The idea here is that we will thin our paints and pour them onto the paper. Then, rather than manipulate the paint with a brush or other tool, we will move ourselves and the paper in order to move the paint. By pouring and tilting we will create a unique painting that can only be made in this manner. We will find that there is only so much control we can exert over the movement of the paint, which is a sort of metaphor for life. By pouring our heart into the painting, allowing ourselves to be flexible, and then going with the flow of the paint, we symbolically experience release.
    This mechanics of this activity are simple – choose your paint colors, dilute them with water to a pouring consistency, and pour them onto the paper. Then, tilt and turn the paper to create washes and rivers of paint. Add colors and watch them mix and marbleize on the paper. Make a game of trying to keep all of the little rivulets on the paper and see how that feels in your body. Finally, let go and allow the paint to run off the paper. Notice how much less tension you experience in your body when you give up trying to control the movement of the paint. The larger the paper, the more physical this activity becomes, and the greater the experience of release at the end.

    Hanging Up
    Hang this painting with your other expressive and intuitive artwork from this week to make a mini-gallery. Your collection is sending you a message about what is taking place in the undercurrent of your life, and in your body. This is information you already possess; it’s just on a deeper level that you may not have been able to access easily. Relax, and take it all in.
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    Gail Moser

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