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  • Are you interested in helping to answer some of the bigger questions the Body Listening Project is asking, like how should we organize information?

    Or are you a little lost?

    This area of the Body Listening Project aims to help.


    In this space we will ask broader questions outside of the Guided Exploration and start the analysis of the information provided by participants.


    This space also serves to answer questions from participants about any aspect of the Body Listening Project. If, for example, you wanted to ask how to attach a file or embed a link into your post – this is the place to do so.


    If you have a specific question – please reply to this post. If you want to answer questions not asked in the ThinkSpace, please browse and review the other topics in this section.

    #helpusorganize #helpushelpyou

  • Hi. I’m new and trying to find where to start within Week 1. Is there an overarching description of what Week 1 is about, theme, goals,  etc? I feel a little lost thinking of just jumping into the various threads. Maybe there could be a post pinned to the top of the Week with a welcome message to orient us. Thanks. #confusedButWilling

    Gypsy Rose
    • Dear Gypsy Rose,

      I’ve created a post and pinned it to the top of Week 1.  It’s available here.

      I hope this helps!  Please reach out again if it’s still unclear.


  • My pain strikes out of the blue.#

  • Hi there,

    I’d like to see perspectives on specific emotional growth and coping with major illnesses/changes.  I would also like to contribute, but I am not sure where or when.


    • Dear SurvivingSu,

      Thanks for being willing to contribute! I can see emotional growth and coping with major illness/changes coming up in multiple places:

      Maybe — Week 5, Mood Management (next week!). Depending on what emotional growth means to you, I could see mood coming into play here.
      Definitely — Week 6, Tuning in to Your Body with Arts-Based Techniques. Arts-based techniques can help you to express what you’re experiencing, and the growth that has come from it. It can also be a great outlet for coping with major illnesses/changes!
      Definitely — Week 10, The Body as a Vehicle for Self-Growth.

      I hope this helps, and we’re looking forward to seeing you contribute more! (Thanks for sharing your experiences with energy in Week 2.)


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