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  • How would you describe your discussions about your body with your physicians and/or other care providers? Do you feel that you are able to convey your symptoms and bodily sensations to them in a way that they understand? Why or why not? What characteristics make these conversations easy or difficult?


  • I have a really great provider and she is really interested in helping me with my health maintenance. Because I have spent so much time in a clinic and paying attention to my body in a medical sense, I have learned how to speak the language, more or less.

  • This belongs with the other think space about confusion and differing resources as much as here. Finding an effective and compassionate general practitioner is critical. I describe mine as my Central Intelligence Agency. I am up to doctor number ten over the course of the last few years, mostly specialists. Some are endearing, some are snooty. One had very little interest in me or my condition. Lo and behold, she retired a few months after I saw her. Short timers disease, eh? I have been meticulous about trying to give each doctor all the details, but I’ve learned to feel them out to see if they can handle it or not. Some can only see through the lens of their specialty. Some I can communicate with and others only want to scrutinize the results of their tests. Some have well organized practices and staffs. Others sigh, rub their eyes treat me like I’m their own counselor. I’m overwhelmed by my own provenance of symptoms and treatments and I know I present as a difficult case. Without my awesome primary doc this seemingly endless path I am on would feel like it was leading nowhere.


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