Activity: Communicate Emotions

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    Sadness, Fear, Love, Contentment
    Today we are going to explore our feelings using color and paintbrush strokes. You will need six pieces of paper, a paintbrush or other tool to get the paint onto the paper, and some colors of acrylic or tempera paint. If you have only the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – you can use them to mix more colors, if you desire. See Monday’s instructional post on how to mix additional colors from the primary colors.
    Label or mark the six papers:
    1. Sadness
    2. Anger
    3. Fear
    4. Love
    5. Contentment
    6. Joy
    We are going to spend a little more time today with our feelings, and I have programmed music specifically for this purpose. When I use this playlist in the classroom, I stop some of the songs before they are finished so that the total amount of time spent on each emotion is about five minutes. Since I won’t be there with you to do this, you can either paint until the songs end, or you can monitor closely and limit each emotion to five minutes. Do whatever is easier for you.
    Exercise mindfulness – take yourself to the place inside you that feels your emotions – and let the music evoke in you whatever it will. Choose your colors based upon what you are feeling and thinking, and let your paintbrush move across the paper as it is guided by your intuition. When the music changes, you will bring up the next emotion, choose your colors, and start painting again. If you find you are really enjoying this process, feel free to spend as much time as feels natural to you on each painting.

    Sadness: Adagio for Strings
    Anger: I Put a Spell on You; Rehab
    Fear: Itaipu
    Love: All of Me
    Contentment: Beyond This Moment
    Joy: Echo
    When you are finished, hang your gallery of six paintings where you will see them. Taping them to a mirror and looking at them while also looking at yourself is an interesting way to evaluate them. What do they have to say about what is going on inside of you, physically and emotionally? If you live with others and you feel comfortable, use these paintings as a springboard for conversation. Make note of any insights or wisdom you gain from the experience. Post about what it was like to paint your feelings, and upload images of your artwork! I can’t wait to see them!
    #communicateemotions #paintyourfeelings #paintinginsights #paintingwisdom

    Gail Moser
  • Sharing some of my painted feelings. Control issues are apparent. Never let emotions completely take over rationality, although it looks like Fear is trying hard to get the best of me. Actually, I made the Fear painting nine years ago. It is not an issue for me now, although it was back then.
    What do your paintings tell you about how your mind or body handle emotions? Post and upload your images, and share what insights the experience or your artwork bring to you. I sincerely hope you enjoy this activity, and I am eagerly waiting to see how you communicate your feelings through color and brushstrokes! :-)
    #postandshare #controlissues #nofear

    1. Sadness-1


    2. Fear-1


    3. Love-1


    4. Contentment-1


    Gail Moser

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