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  • How do the interrelationships between sleep, diet, activity level, and stress affect your day to day rhythms? Are there other issues that throw you “off balance”? Can you predict the interaction? Are there ways you try to prevent or mitigate negative interactions between the combinations of factors? Are there ways you foster positive synergy between the combinations of factors? #combinations

  • I know for sure that if I eat dinner too late in the evening, and/or if what we have is too heavy, I have a hard time falling asleep. I also notice that if I am trying to get enough water into my day, I need to get it into the first half of my day or I’m up all night peeing. #combinations

    • I’ve been trying to find that balance of staying hydrated, but having uninterrupted sleep, especially since I relish a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime, and though it may relax me, it guarantees that I’ll have to get up in the wee hours. #hydration

  • The interrelationships between sleep, diet, activity level, and stress affect my day to day rhythms in that any one of them can throw me off balance.  Poor sleep makes me want to eat junk food (carbs/sugar/starches), junk food makes me even more tired (my most productive times become zero-productive), being overly tired negatively affects my activity level, and not getting things done causes me a good deal of stress, which in-turn, affects my quality of sleep.  Good sleep improves my diet, my activity level, and reduces stress but it also makes me want to take advantage of the situation to the point of over-doing which then exhausts me, causing poor sleep, poor diet, lower activity, and stress.  In order to spiral upward and prevent/mitigate negative interactions among the combinations (therefore fostering positive synergy), I have to be mindful to pace myself, not just for today, but for the rest of the week.  Caffeine avoidance after 5 p.m., carb/sugar/starch limitations throughout the day, more fruits/veggies (avoiding nightshade veggies), fluid-intake limitation after 7 p.m., and meditation before sleep/good sleep hygiene all help.  In regard to stress, I mitigate it throwing me off balance by avoiding crowded/busy places.  I shop online or visit stores/other locations when they are least busy and that makes a great deal difference.  #combinations  #planahead  #planaccordingly

  • I try to be mindful in many things. I have forgotten this from time to time and it has lead to stress, anxiety and eventually insomnia. I wasn’t fully consious that I was even practicing mindful awareness until I started practicing yoga a year and a half ago. With yoga and metatation it has become abut more clear, this mind body conversation.

    As I look back I have been doing this my whole life, only now, in my mid thirties I try to focus on it everyday.

    Things improve, things fall apart or I emotionally feel off. I have some better tools and techniques now, to my mindset or how my body feels.

    Its a journey. This is a good thing.

    • That’s it, isn’t it – we need to learn and use tools to navigate our busy lives in a healthy and loving way. It’s too bad that self-care and paying attention to the body’s own signs aren’t taught to us in a more mainstream way, it takes a lot of courage for us to do what we are doing and reject the expectations of our overculture.

      • Yes, it seems to be there’s so much inherent wisdom in our bodies, and they’re our companions on this journey, making self-care a survival tool. #journey

  • I’m with @ohiowa216 on this one too. I’m amazed and thoroughly impressed at how ya’ll are so mindful and can recognize such body signs. It took me a long time to realize what my limits were, how what I ate affected my body, and how lack of good sleep and how stress would affect me. Sometimes it’s just easier to push through it than to address it head on, you know?

    The other side of the coin is… sometimes, do we think too much? Sometimes it feels like, with the medicalization of everything, we all tend to worry a bit too much. Sometimes, a headache is just a headache, and it sucks, but it’ll go away eventually. Sometimes, I wonder if we’re too obsessed with the small nuances and signs our body gives us, rather than just feel it, accept it, and let it go?

    Another words, where do you draw the line?

    • #drawingtheline

      sgc1203, I think you’ve said it! Philosophically, I am very much in the “accept it and let it go” camp.

      Also, it took me a second to let your statement, “Sometimes it’s just easier to push through it than to address it head on, you know?”, sink in — but it’s true. One can think, yeah, just this one time, and next time I’ll address it… but next time it’s just as hard.

      I do try to strike a balance though… to spend a little (well, understatement) time to understand the places in which I have muscle tension, to figure out my food sensitivities, etc.

      #acceptance #letitgo #pushingthrough #balance #taketimetounderstand

  • There is planning and there are sudden unexpected events. A couple of things keep me in balance. I ground, I stop long enough to breathe and run my energy up from Mother Earth, along my spine, spray it out the top of my head and surround myself with the rainbow of colors. Bathing in Light again, I can move forward into the experience. It only takes moments after one practices long enough.

    The second thing is visualizing what I’d like to include in my day. I ask to be surprised with good timing and good situations becoming outcomes that all enjoy. I don’t plot out every single move, since I do have to prioritize during the day and never “finish the list.” Blessing my path and all that may fall upon it does make for better days than when I blow it off, being late to the pool or an appointment. Then I go for option #1.



    • What a beautiful image, thank you. I envision white light around myself as I do forward bends, while stretching my arms above my head and then bending forward. #lightforenergy


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