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  • Can you provide examples of times when you and your physician have engaged in a collaborative and dialogic effort to figure out what is going on with your body? (For example, you engage in an iterative process of trying different things until finding a solution that works). What aspects of the interaction/conversation facilitated the problem solving process?


  • When I was in my early 20s, I learned that there was a name for these terrible headaches I was getting all the time: migraines. Someone I knew had some Tylenol 3 and that helped, so one day I went to my new doctor and asked for a prescription for T3s for my migraines. It was then (1998?) that I discovered that there was a whole arm of pharmaceuticals devoted to migraine relief. My doctor suspected that one of the triggers for my migraines might have been the birth control pill I was on. So during the next 8-12 months, she gave me tons of samples as we experimented our way through finding the right pill that would mitigate all my symptoms while giving me as few migraines as possible, and then finding the right migraine drug to help when I needed it. I learned a lot about my body and its response to stimuli – for a long time I could not drink red wine, have any cured meats, etc. But it was precisely because I had not been listening to my body that it finally said stop and I had to re-learn how to take care of myself in order to address other less-than-healthy behaviors in my life. I am thankful for the diligence of that doctor who was willing to work with me to help me function in my life. #collaborativehealthcare #supportivedoctor


    I am happy to report that I seldom get migraines now and I can drink a glass of red wine whenever I want (as long as it’s just one!)

  • Having a collaborative health care provider makes all the difference! Hoorah! #activelistening


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