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  • Do you keep track of individual rhythms and if/how they change, such as body temperature, circulation, and metabolism? Are there other categories of daily rhythms that you track? #categoriesofrhythms

  • I don’t track anything like that, but I do keep track of my sleep, my menstrual cycles, headache, acne severity (I’m nearly 42 and still getting acne), and moods. It’s always amazing to me that I can find myself really sad/down/moody and then have that aha! moment of realizing my period will be starting soon. Once I know what it is, I usually know how to mitigate the effects. #rhythmtracking

  • I spent years tracking my menstrual cycles, only to discover what the data was showing was a diseased anovulatory ovary that was likely surpressing ovulation at all. I later spent a few months taking my temp for my naturopath who had reason to believe I have a thyroid disorder, Wilson’s. Chronically low temp, but I feel plenty warm to me.

    i’ve done diet recall studies that astounded the researchers due to my honesty. Very hard, most everyone underestimates. I don’t enjoy that form of of diary work, and I think that’s holding me back now, from sussing out what is going on with me, food/performance-wise. Taking my pulse after snacking/dining is going to be a stretch for me, but it’s my health.

    i also have borrowed a blood glucose meter. My suspicions are that I surely am dealing with a love of sugar, mostly indulged in baked goods and chocolates, a very addictive substance, but my genetics are likely not conducive to gluten, and my family’s health issues are more subtle than what is commonly recognized. My father and at least one cousin had their gallbladder surgery removed, as very healthy, active people: turns out this is common with scoliosis, but ALSO with gluten issues.

    i have the curiousity, just not the current energy/drive/will to get the data. I am good at noticing patterns:like turning to chocolate when stressed or sad, or 2nd or 3rd helpings.

    i remember entering my kitchen for a third time, trying to allay nighttime hunger, and standing transfixed, realizing the boulder egg, the bit of cheese and cracker, the cookie weren’t touching my hunger, then realizing I must be premenstrual, and finding some salami or roast beef, and having some of that. It felt like a victory.

    • Oh yeah having to write down everything you eat is the worst! It just takes so much time and it may be fine for a week or two for a self-assessment but it certainly not sustainable. I have used a smartphone app to track my food when I was actively losing weight, but after a while I learned what foods were more “calorie expensive” without also being nutrient dense. #foodtracking

  • Over the years, it comes and goes, journalling health, and I accept this rhythm.  I find it healthful to also let go of close scrutiny for periods, and flow with the new level of awareness cultivated by journalling health.  Then let the journalling be other things: the memory of the dance, the drawing, the song, the photograph, the social media post, and be outward and expansive.  The body knows when close attention is needed, and I am grateful for the capacity to know when I need to give energy to playing very close attention in terms of a body out of balance hungry for restoration.

  • There is the rhythm of PTSD trigger times.  There is the rhythm of seasonal affectiveness disorder. There is the rhythm in the past of production flow where the poor body has been pushed to its limit working some 100 hrs. a week for months at a time in interest of manifesting a vision.  There is the rhythm of stuck and un-stuck in relationship. There is the rhythm of the dialog between the different mediums of expression: a time for clay, a time for life drawing labs, a time for carving, a time for choreography, a time for the art of daily living – household and garden, a time for solitude and crawling in my cave, and one rhythm that is totally lacking that I seek to discover #play. There is the rhythm of creative genius when one casts out the question to the cosmos and conducts the inquiry, is open to #synchronisty and found information, and the moment when the new ideas come in for a landing and awareness expands.  The body is more than flesh and blood and it swims in a time space continuum with magic and mystery as its umbilical chord to the void from where it all comes from – pulsating what I can’t comprehend – but I imagine it has much to do with curiosity, love, light, play, growth, shedding, growth.

    • The shedding image resonates for me – in the garden today I found my first snakeskin of the spring season. #springshedding

  • I am more aware of my individual rhythms now and how they change throughout the day, over the months, and through the seasons.  My body temperature is always low (96* on the average) and I find myself asking my husband and/or kids if they’re hot or cold all the time so I can compare how I’m feeling with reality.  My right tricep is cold almost all the time.  I can feel the coldness (which is similar to someone putting a cold bottle of water against your bare arm) and find myself rubbing it a lot to warm it up.  When I’m feeling really cold, I get wrapped up in a blanket or I put a jacket on until I warm back up… this is a daily occurrence.  I don’t track circulation and metabolism, per se.  I track whether my heart feels weak or is pounding out of my chest.  I track when I seem to be what we call “free feeding” which is when you find yourself eating a bunch of different things (a banana, then a cookie, then nuts or cheese, then a salad) as if you can’t get full.  I do that so I can stop myself and say, “Hey… what’s really going on?  Am I tired, sad, etc., or actually hungry?”  I track menstrual cycles because mine are normally 28 days apart but sometimes I’ll have an early start (up to a week early) and sometimes I’ll have a late start (up to a week late).  What’s funny is that I keep track of the 28 days between each cycle as they should happen and then annotate whether it’s early, late or on time.  An early start one month doesn’t affect my start time the next month.  Sometimes I’ll be 28 days on the dot from when I should’ve started the month before.  Another category of daily rhythms I am currently tracking is when the pain starts in my neck/shoulders in the evenings…  I’m trying to figure out what makes that happen and see if I can mitigate/lessen the occurrences.  Meditation with deep breathing in the evenings right around the time the pain kicks off helps a good deal.  #categoriesofrhythms

    • I find myself with shoulder/neck pain in the evenings too, and have generally ascribed it to end of the day tightness and too much sitting/computer time throughout the day. I think, too, that it emerges in the evenings because I finally let go a bit and relax at that time of day.

  • These are all the very things I am looking to better understand about my body and my spirit self.  As I enter middle ages, I find the things that I would resort to as a “young” person no longer fit and have loss much relevance to me now so I have to look at things and pay attention to them more now.  I am noting these trackings and really looking forward to delving into what answers some of them are holding for me too.

    • Yes – my younger self is a distant memory, and I’m learning to honor the wisdom of the years and the wisdom of my body. #middleagewisdom

  • Coming to this site today in April, spring winds are changing my daily rhythm. I move more quickly in the morning to get outside before the wind comes up, stay inside most of the day and then wait until the sun takes the wind down with it so I can leave the back porch.

    I have a structured work day where my healing work happens in the morning and my bookkeeping work takes up the afternoon. My mind has been wandering in the morning with these winds, much more than in winter. The cold was invigorating then, I moved more slowly in the morning but I had a steady pace outside and on into the day.  Now I want to be warm and the sun is teasing me into the shadow side of shelter so there can be “peace” within.

    My body wants to eat more in the morning, followed by a late lunch and could easily skip dinner. This is the opposite my youth, when I ate light until noontime lunch and ate a normal meal at dinner.

    When my parts of my body speak to me, I refer to the meridian clock of Traditional Chinese Medicine, since I’ve versed in it and trail the energy of the dominating organ to see if there is any information I can add to my attention. I notice what I notice, ask questions and expect answers within a relatively short period of time. I accept my intuitive hits may not be always accurate but I’m always somewhere in the ball park of rising knowledge. #windywomansweptaway


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