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  • Many years ago, I was bitten by a tick and contracted

    Lyme disease; I went on the recommended course of antibiotics and my symptoms diminished.

    For years after the episode, if I became overtired or stressed, a hive would appear at the site of

    the original bite. At first, I was dismayed and worried that the Lyme disease was coming back.

    Over time, I learned that the hive was acting as a sort of sentinel, letting me know that I was

    overdoing it, and I should pay better attention to my well­being. Have you experienced this type

    of feedback (maybe not a hive, but some other type of physical signal)? How has it manifested?

    How do you respond? #bodysigns

  • I get vertigo. It stems from a central nervous system problem. I am pretty good about managing my health through restricted diet, light exercise, taking my supplements, drinking enough water, lots of time for rest, having a creative outlet for expressing myself (like making art or writing in a journal), taking aromatherapy baths, among other things. If life gets in the way and I drop the ball on one of these methods, I get back on track fairly quickly and all is well. But once in a while my life will get all topsy-turvy and my self-care plan goes out the window.
    Usually this is when things are so hectic or crazy that I don’t even have time to notice what is happening. And that is when vertigo strikes, turning everything on its head. It’s funny to me that my vertigo – which for me manifests as feeling like I am way way way off balance – is a physical manifestation of what is happening in my life. Once I get back on track with my wellness program, the vertigo goes away and my life is back in balance (as much as it can be in this crazy world!)
    #vertigo #offbalance

    Gail Moser
    • This is so interesting – your body giving you such literal signs – your life is topsy-turvy, and if you’re not paying attention, I’ll remind you (says your body) with making you feel topsy-turvy. #bodysignals

  • In the “now” I listen to my body, it is extremely fatigued, the back of my eyes ache, my jaws ache, I am depressed about dealing with Western Medicine and ill informed Dr.’s that jump to conclusions and imply that a long list of symptoms is related to a brain aneurysm repair (like how in the heck does hair loss, extreme fatigue, no appetite, weight loss, jaw pain, ear pain, blah, blah, blah relate to a brain aneurysm being repaired).  My body is telling me, not now, the suggested dental work needs to wait, you can’t cope with the stress of a root canal on a tooth that isn’t hurting you right now, something is seriously up, and you need to continue to seek answers.  It is also saying, you over did it a bit yesterday by “pushing” on your walk and going beyond what the body wanted.  My body wants to get in bed and get horizontal and it is thirsty, it wants fluid, lots of fluid.  My body wants a healer.  I am open to facilitation, I am open as well to being my own healer, the right information and support comes to me.  #bodysignals

  • Pain is always an indicator for me. I am very pain-averse so I pay attention to every little ache. (Ironically, I can bump myself or knock into something, then find a massive dark bruise later having forgotten about the impact that caused it!) I had repetitive strain injury/tendinitis several years ago, and that was my first clue that I can’t just ignore the pain; that something was actually wrong and I had to do something about it. The solution (in that moment) was to change jobs, but also to take other steps to make sure it didn’t come back.

    • When I was a child, if pain woke me up in the night, my mother took it as an indication that something was very wrong, so it usually meant a trip to the doctor in the morning. Years and years later, I still use that pain threshold as a barometer for guidance on whether to seek out health care advice. #nightpain

  • I have always been overweight, even in childhood pictures, and I want to know what that is about, now. My guess is it could be a food sensitivity, or it’s unaddressed, unrecognized trauma.

    I have also always had odd pains from scoliosis that went unaddressed until my 30s. What I live with now is a hip that gets sore just before a chiropractor visit is scheduled, now every 6 weeks, and mid back pain that tells me I have been craning my neck somehow: counter work, trying to use a cell phone or table to read for too long, especially from standing. This called T4 syndrome.

    I recently was in an accident, and my need to go to my chiropractor much more often isn’t surprising. Part of it is of course the stress of trying to do things under trying conditions.

    my eyes don’t team correctly, due to a stressed out eye muscle and misaligned cranial plates, and a tension headache exactly around my left eye is a real siren for me to cool it, as is transient double vision that tells me I need to stop reading, or even trying to focus, and go for a walk.

    i’m trying to sensitize myself more, especially to food. Thinking of journaling on what I eat, start taking my pulse, the original metric, after eating suspect foods. I spent decades of my life s a accepting that late afternoon crash, and thinking granola bars in the glove compartment was prudent, then finally had a naturopath set me straight on protein for breakfast & protein vs carbohydrate rich snacks. Nuts are a good choice for me.

    • Another vote for nuts as preferred snack to help avoid the afternoon doldrums.

    • I don’t remember where I read/heard it, but sometimes an excess of body weight is a protection. You mentioned unrecognized trauma, and even if you don’t remember what it is (I’m not speaking of “you” specifically, here maud, but of people in general), the body remembers. It can be seen as a layer of physical protection. I don’t know/remember if I had a trauma, but I got a lot of unwanted sexual attention from much older males when I was just entering puberty, and I think my unconscious response was to transform my body so as not to attract that male gaze. I gained weight, and it has fluctuated in the 30 years since then, but I know a lot more now about how to deal with harassment and unwanted attention. Not exactly a trauma but certainly a negative experience that impacted how I live in my body.

      • AppleStrudel, you might have read or heard of Louise Hay’s list of illnesses and their metaphysical causes? This is what I found regarding overweight. It’s food for thought…
        OVERWEIGHT PROBLEMS: Fear, feeling a deep need for emotional protection. Running away from feelings, insecurity. Over-sensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection. Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive. Running away from feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection and seeking fulfilment.
        – ARMS: Anger at being denied love.
        – BELLY: Anger at being denied nourishment.
        – HIPS: Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents.
        – THIGHS: Packed childhood anger. Often rage at the father.
        Affirmation: I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.
        #emotionalprotection #affirmations

        Gail Moser
      • Love affirmations. I like to create my own, and then mix them in a sound track with what sound healing tones/textures intuitively feel supportive. Love Louise Haye – love her love meditation before bed.

      • Oh yes, this may be where I heard it! Thanks Gail. I don’t remember that body-part breakdown but it totally applies to me. Thanks for posting!

  • Body signs: so many layers, how underlying belief systems buried deep underneath that don’t harmonize with our current flow – how they generate toxic thoughts/feelings/emotions/pain – which in turn transposes into illness either in the form of stress, holding of tension, negative energy turned inward harming the body.  Seeing the cogs in the wheel, and the hope being, awareness will facilitate the shedding, and how that process is a cognitive game, laying down new neural networks, shedding what doesn’t serve, manifesting what is best for health.

    When one is a couple, the body sign becomes even more complex because of the inter-connectedness.

    Managing PTSD, there is the rhythm of issues that surface, and observing what is presenting itself for shifting, and being still, listening, seeking the healing modality in the moment which will help one move further towards the land of wholeness, wellness.

    Managing right action, listening to the body, chronicling the symptoms, seeking answers, flowing with what seems like right action.

    Complicated organisms we are.

    In the process of shifting life rhythms.

    Slow, balance, more slow, more balance, patience above all else.

    The universe is a dynamic flow and supports wholeness, wellness.

    So – a dollop of faith, in flow, in process, in being aware of my body as a vessel that wants repair, mending, in order to be a better steward of the light within.

    • This so eloquently captures a philosophy of healing. #wholeness; #wellness; #patience; #mending

      • Thank you MaryGrace!

    • I am so thankful for these posts, but this one especially.  I sometimes forget that the symptoms (overweight or depression or a myriad of other issues) are so indicative of the “layers” effect things have on us in our lifetimes.  Our bodies never forget and it takes so much time and processes at different times and stages to truly begin the healing journey.  This is so sensitive and well said!  #deepappreciationforthewhole

  • During a deployment to Abu Dhabi (UAE) I had two episodes of partial paralysis, the second of which happened while I was at work and was treated in the on-base clinic.  I was given injections deep in certain muscles of my back (the doctor said it was important that I “do NOT move”).  I have a few knots that developed as a result of these episodes (I don’t believe it was the injections, I think the injections were an attempt to get rid of the knots) and they get inflamed when the weather changes (rain, cold) or I’m stressed.  If I find my self rubbing one of the knots (left lower back, left mid-back, or right neck – all near the spine), I know I need to take it easy.  A hot bath with epsom salt and an early bedtime do wonders.  #bodysignals

    • I love the epsom salt bath remedy – coupled with early bedtime, seems like you can’t miss. #epsomsaltbath

  • I have allergies that have been quite bad, I used to get allergy shots. There still not grea but there and indication of things in environment that I’m sesitive too. Usually I sneeze and have a runny nose in the morning.

    Spring is particularly bad. My sinuses are sensitive to large marametric swings. It leads to a pressure build up and a migraine untill the storm starts. Its worse if I have had too much caffeine, which I limit, or emotional stress.


    • Whew! I feel your pain; I’m the same way! I used to get allergy shots as well, and they helped for a while, but I think now they’re back in full force with all these blooms and high pollen count. My cocktail of flonase, zyrtec and some #allergy eye drops, plus avoiding the outside world and washing my face often tends to do the trick. My clairisonic is a lifesaver! :-)


      • This is a particularly frustrating time of the year for me, as I want to bust out in the garden, only to remember the effect of the pollen. I’m going to try to remember to wash my face more often. :) #reducepolleneffects

  • I think it’s interesting that allergies are bad for some of us…  I didn’t have allergies prior being stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in OH (the base I deployed out of).  I had chronic sinus infections, my eyes were always on fire/swollen, and my throat hurt b/c of the drainage.  By the time I left there, I was prescribed a cocktail of Singulair, Claritin, and Flonase that I have to use daily (or else I get a sinus infection).  I’ve become a huge fan of the netipot and saline sinus rinses (especially this time of year when the pollen is so thick).  I rinse before bedtime and it gives my sinuses a break overnight.  I, too, want to plant flowers and be outside but I know better to stay in now…  #allergiesareawful  #pollenispainful  #reducepolleneffects

    • I have friends who swear by their netipots, and I’ve been meaning to try that approach, thanks for the reminder. #netipotforallergies

  • When I’ve eaten too much acidic food, I get rib pain across the front of my body. Finally, apple cider vinegar is my go-to remedy, along with resting with Reiki hands over my stomach and liver. I apology for this mistreatment, to my organs.

    When I’m in a rush, I trip. I just started noticing this. As if my feet are telling my head to get into the present moment so we can walk all together! My left big toe misses the step, not enough to fall, just enough to slow me down.

    I want to say to my allergic friends here that working with herbs, starting in the fall with a protocol through winter, can make spring go a helluva lot better. See if there is an herbalist in your neighborhood.

    When I’m sitting at my desk and my body has had enough, it moves me up and out the door. I have a mini-trampoline on the porch, which makes for easy stimulation of the whole body. #shakebackbody

    • The mini-tramp sounds like a great way to shake things up, I haven’t used a trampoline in a long time, but remember a feeling of freedom in the jumping, thanks for the reminder. #jumpforjoy


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