What Art Supplies Do You Need for This Week’s Activities?

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  • You don’t need to have all of the items in the image below! I am just showing that you can use:
    1. Any type of acrylic paint or tempera – from kids’ paints to craft paints
    2. Any type of brush – from artists’ brushes to foam brushes; anything that will apply paint to paper
    3. Anything that will make and leave a mark on paper – from pencil, to permanent marker, to charcoal
    4. Gloves are de rigueur if you have any chemical sensitivities or just want to keep your hands clean
    5. Paper towels or rags for wiping up spills and little messes
    6. Little cups for diluting paint
    7. Paper plates or foil for mixing paint
    8. Recycled jars for holding water and cleaning brushes
    9. And yes, that is a bandanna! You’re going to need it on Tuesday!
    If you have these items already, that’s great – you’re ready to go! But if you don’t, I don’t want you to have to go out and spend a lot of money to participate in this week’s art-based activities. And I want you to participate! That’s why, if you don’t already have paints, I would recommend getting the craft acrylic paint in the little 2-ounce bottles that I found at Walmart yesterday for $.50. That’s right people, I said 50 cents. That is the regular everyday price. And I have proof. See the picture I took in the store, below.
    If you are unable to go to the store, just find something that you already have on hand and re-purpose it. There must be something there you can use… Have you ever accidentally “painted” your clothing when preparing beets? What about shoe polish? You’re resourceful, I’m sure you can come up with something. You can make do with what you find until you can get acrylic or tempera paints, or just go with the flow of what you have. If you don’t have an artist-style paintbrush you can use a foam brush, sponge, Q-tip, a twig, your finger…I think you get the picture.
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    Click on the attached images to magnify them.

    1. Do-you-have-any-of-these-items-png-2-2


    2. 50-Cents-Each-png-2


    Gail Moser

  • The week’s art activities all specify some type of paper as the substrate – that is, the surface on which you will apply your media. Mixed media art paper would be ideal because it can stand up to paint, but you don’t have to use it. If you already have canvas or art board, you can use them. White butcher paper will work, too. Also, you can make just about any type of medium weight paper work if you put a piece of cardboard under it to absorb any paint that might leak through.
    If you do use a thinner paper (such as copy or printer paper), there is the danger that the paint will saturate it and leak. Also it will have a lot of wrinkles because it isn’t designed to handle the application of anything water-based. But you can make it work! You can even use a warm iron (lightly) on the reverse side to get the wrinkles out later.
    Remember, your surface doesn’t have to be white – you can use a piece of cardboard, or brown “kraft” paper. Kraft paper can be found with the mailing, moving, and packing supplies at local discount and drug stores. Some very interesting artwork can be made from applying bright paints to the caramel-y brown background of kraft paper.
    So just choose something, so we can get started!
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    Gail Moser
    • Many Types of Paper Will Work
      #substrates #mixedmedia #sketchpaper #kraftpaper #butcherpaper #copypaper #printerpaper
      Click on the attached image to magnify it.

      1. Substrates-1


      Gail Moser
  • I don’t want this to be complicated. You can do all of this week’s art activities with just three colors of 50-cents craft paints, some paper, a pencil, and a paintbrush. If you don’t have a brush you can paint with cotton swabs or a piece of sponge.

    #artsupplies #cheapart

    Gail Moser

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