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  • We have heard from several of you that you are having trouble logging in.
    Here are some common problems and what you can do:
    I’ve reset my password multiple times, and it’s still not letting me in!
    Did you type your password correctly? It’s easy to mistype, so you might want to:

    • Write down your password and check it as you type.
    • The automatically generated password is hard to remember and type correctly. Erase it, and type a simpler one. If you get it working, you can decide whether you want to reset it again and use a harder one.

    I haven’t received an email to set (or reset) my password. What should I do?

    • Check your junk email folder.
    • Try to set the email account, “”, as not spam. This might involve putting it a list like, “Accepted Senders”.

    If these solutions don’t work or you have a different problem, please email us!


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