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  • We are going to go back to kindergarten today. Do you remember the freedom you felt when finger painting as a child? If you didn’t get a chance to go to kindergarten, or if you never did this kind of art, this activity is for you!
    Art in kindergarten is not about making masterpieces, it is just about making art. This whole week of guided art exploration is about the process. There are some guidelines, but very few rules – it is about using art as a vehicle for self-expression and letting it vocalize, symbolically on your behalf, what you might not be able to communicate or articulate in words.
    Let’s get back to the time when you didn’t think about whether you were good at making art, you just did it. If we put four- and five-year-olds in a room with crayons and paper, they will just start drawing. They won’t ask what they should draw or how to do it. They won’t be worried about what the other kids are making or whether their drawings will be as good. And soon they will just be in the moment, playing with color, and line, and shape. The kindergartner’s mind is where we need to start, for today’s activity and every time we make intuitive art: we are just playing with color, line, and shape.
    Our only goal today is to make expressive art by tapping into our intuition. There are no mistakes. We are using inexpensive materials and working without unrealistic expectations.
    But finger painting isn’t just for kids. Did you know that there are some professionals who create work with oil paints, using their fingers? Artist Iris Scott is one of them. For grown-up inspiration, watch this 2-minute video showing her process:

    Gotta love the dog! Here are some examples of finger painting from students in my Kindergarten for Grownups workshops. They were painted either with both hands, or with the non-dominant hand:
    finger painting - mary

    Kindergarten for Grownups 4

    Kindergarten for Grownups 2

    Kindergarten for Grownups 1
    Music for today’s art activity is a compilation of tracks from various animated films.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab your paper, your paints, fire up the playlist, and start painting. Use both hands, or your non-dominant hand. Use whatever colors appeal to you and paint whatever comes to you, whether a representation of a real object, or an abstraction of a metaphor in your mind. Or just have fun squishing the paint through your fingers and on the paper. There is no wrong way to finger paint. When you are finished, hang this artwork and spend some time with it to receive its message.
    Take photos of your artwork, then post here about your experience. What was it like to paint with your non-dominant hand, or both hands? How do you feel about the sensory experience?
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