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  • Living with regular pain can limit the ability to enjoy everyday life. If the pain doesn’t make it physically impossible for us to participate in it, it can still make it quite unpleasant. There have been days my headaches have radiated a dull pain throughout much of my body. While I’ve still made it to work or wherever I was expected, not all of me was there. Maybe my fuse was shorter, or my sense of humor stayed at home, but my pain was hurting more than my body. Sometimes the people around me noticed, other days they probably thought I was grouchy or irritable for no reason. Learning how to manage my pain’s influence on my everyday life has been and continues to be the hardest part.
    #thepainchangesme #mypainhurtsmylife #mypainmakesmeapain

    Samantha Kaplan
  • Sami, I’m curious about your last sentence… what ways have you learned to manage your pain’s influence on your life?
    The two examples you mentioned in particular — “fuse being shorter”, “sense of humor staying home” — have you managed to make it so these things don’t happen, or do you manage this in other ways?


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