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    Dymond, I can relate! I was largely bedridden for about four months and during that time I watched my body change a lot as my fat and muscle deteriorated. My body and my outlook are much different now as I am moving forward. The way I experience movement – in short walks and limited motions – I used to experience these as limitations and frustrations, and I now view them from the opposite perspective, with wonder and gratitude at the simple things my body can still do!
    I thought of a couple more therapies to share that I’ve enjoyed:
    Craniosacral therapy ( and Zero balancing ( are both therapies where other people manipulate you. I enjoy them tremendously both for the physical therapy, but also for the mental experience. For me they’ve both been incredibly relaxing treatments, and the knowledge that I’m doing something to align and balance my body leaves me feeling positive and energized.
    #transformation #gratitude #craniosacraltherapy #zerobalancing #bodymindtherapy

    Rachel Carriere
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)