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    I have been lucky to have the same job since the onset of my pain three years ago, so I haven’t had to experience adjusting to a new boss and a new job with these limitations. I would imagine that what Myndi says about people knowing you before the start of any problems makes a significant difference in how well your superiors and coworkers accommodate the necessary flexibility. My bosses and team members have all been really understanding about my erratic schedule with lots of doctors and PT appointments, and working from home has not been an issue.
    That said, at the start of my pain I had to work really hard to communicate to the people around me and also to Human Resources about how severe my symptoms were becoming. I’ve needed to get several doctors notes. One to explain that working from home while I recovered was necessary; another to make clear that I need to be able to limit my hours in the office when I need rest; another to explain that when I am in the office I need new office furniture. Working with HR to get the standing desk was a real fight because they had to special order the furniture and it was significantly more expensive than what they are used to providing. I had to go back to my doctor three times to change the language of the doctors note to include a specific model of desk instead of generic language. Even after the doctor’s note was specific, the facilities team delivered two other options for me to try in an effort to keep costs down and I had to reject both of them. I didn’t like that I had to be obstinate in order to get what I knew was going to work best for me. It’s been over a year since I’ve settled into this new normal and it was absolutely worth the effort to communicate and advocate well for myself when things started up.
    #worththeconflict #doctorsnotes

    Rachel Carriere
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)