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    And SO VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! When I finally quit going to school and got a “real” job, I had a doctor who was very accommodating. He was wonderful. If I thought I should be checked for something, he was usually willing to sign off on the necessary tests. He has since retired. My new Primary Care Physician is also pretty good, though I haven’t really had a reason to push for anything yet. She’s been generally responsive to my concerns, though, so fingers crossed.

    Finding the right caregiver can be a challenge. I’ve posted on another thread the website of the doctor I’ve seen most recently and I’ll post it again here in case someone doesn’t go to that thread but would find the website worthwhile


    #migraine #doctors #whoknewfirst #caregivers


    Midan, it is entirely your choice what you share!

    I think you also bring up a very interesting part of the journey to diagnosis – what happens when the patient knows before the practitioner? The knowledge is in the sufferer, but to access treatment a gatekeeper has to agree.


    Samantha Kaplan
Viewing 2 results - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)