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    There is the rhythm of PTSD trigger times.  There is the rhythm of seasonal affectiveness disorder. There is the rhythm in the past of production flow where the poor body has been pushed to its limit working some 100 hrs. a week for months at a time in interest of manifesting a vision.  There is the rhythm of stuck and un-stuck in relationship. There is the rhythm of the dialog between the different mediums of expression: a time for clay, a time for life drawing labs, a time for carving, a time for choreography, a time for the art of daily living – household and garden, a time for solitude and crawling in my cave, and one rhythm that is totally lacking that I seek to discover #play. There is the rhythm of creative genius when one casts out the question to the cosmos and conducts the inquiry, is open to #synchronisty and found information, and the moment when the new ideas come in for a landing and awareness expands.  The body is more than flesh and blood and it swims in a time space continuum with magic and mystery as its umbilical chord to the void from where it all comes from – pulsating what I can’t comprehend – but I imagine it has much to do with curiosity, love, light, play, growth, shedding, growth.

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)