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    In reply to: Seasonal rhythms

    Yes, the soothing, and at the same time energizing effect of sunlight. #sunlighthelps


    In reply to: Seasonal rhythms

    I live in a location that is hot most of the year.  We might get some chill in January/February but, for the most part, highs of 70s to mid-80s is what we deal with during the early months of the year.  Daylight Savings (minus the losing an hour of sleep) actually makes things a bit better for me b/c I get exposed to more sunlight.  As summer hits around the beginning of May (highs of 80s to mid-90s but 100 isn’t out of the question) and progresses to highs of mid-90s to low 100s in June-September, I actually find I’m the most active.  I can’t handle cold anymore (even air conditioning is painful if it’s too chilly – I get grumpy quick so I keep a cardigan in the car for when I need it) and love to go outside and just bask in the warmth.  October-December we see cooler temperatures but highs still reach into the 90s.  With the loss of sunlight we experience, I also experience a loss of energy.  Then allergy season hits in mid-December to the beginning of May…  that’s my most painful, tired, stiff, groggy time of the year (initially I thought Christmas was wearing me out but now I know better).  I guess my seasons here are winter/spring (because they blend), summer/summer (from hot to hotter), fall, and allergy season (mid-December to May).  #fourseasons  #blendedseasons  #sunlighthelps  #heatissoothing

Viewing 2 results - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)