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    I use a specially contoured pillow for my head; a neck roll that I made myself from flaxseed with lavender blossoms and lavender oil encased in muslin, with a cotton sleeve that I can remove and wash; and a pillow rolled up between my knees (when lying on my sides) or under my knees (when lying on my back).
    Even though I have eliminated my chronic pain through various mechanisms I STILL use these interventions for sleeping. I think they are part of the reason I don’t have trouble with pain during sleep. Oh, and I also bought a 3″ gel memory foam mattress pad, after I slept on one on vacation and it eliminated the many sore spots where my various body parts came in contact with the mattress.
    It looks crazy when I prepare for bed (and it is) but all of these things together work for me, and you know – most of us will do just about anything to relieve chronic pain. Even if we have to look crazy in bed. :-)
    #sleepimplement #sleepaid #sleepintervention #contourpillow #neckroll #kneepillow #memoryfoam #mattresspad

    Gail Moser
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)