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  • Three times in my life I had to go through “withdrawal” from overuse of OTC migraine meds. The first time I thought I could muscle through it and be fine. I wanted to die. The doctor had suggested that I was over-using OTCs and gave me a prescription for prednisone┬áto help me through the withdrawal. I didn’t believe him (that I was over-using) and didn’t expect to go through the hellish vomiting, pain, and other reactions to cold-turkey termination of meds. Well, the next time I knew better and took the prednisone and after that I devised my own withdrawal plan that didn’t require additional drugs. Then I monitored my intake more closely so as to avoid dealing with over-use problems. It sometimes meant skipping meds that might have helped me through a day and just suffering in a dark room, but that was better than withdrawal down the road.

    No other migraine drug I’ve taken has actually made a difference in my pain, and I’ve pretty much tried them all, starting in the 80’s with Cafergot PB. HORRIBLE drug. I’ve done anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, muscle relaxers, triptans, beta blockers, alpha blockers, botox, generalized pain meds (e.g. Lyrica), anti-anxiety meds, and I just don’t even remember what else. In a way, I’m glad they didn’t work because after a few weeks or months, I was able to stop and didn’t have to deal with the horrible side effects some have.

    I do love prednisone, though. It will knock my headaches out in a heart beat. But no doctor would ever give anyone that as a regular treatment.

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Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)