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    Not finished with this painting experience yet, and I am using Q-tips instead of a brush. This activity is much more about the process than it is about the finished product, so I didn’t need the precision of a paintbrush.
    The drink I tasted was my own apple-lemon-ginger juice. I’ll share the recipe.
    O.M.Ginger Juice
    4 lbs. Fuji apples, quartered
    8 oz. ginger, julienned or chopped
    Juice from 1 lb. of lemons (without the rind), set aside
    Process the apples and the ginger through your juicer (I use a Kuvings slow juicer). Add the
    juice from the lemons and stir thoroughly to combine. Strain if desired. Makes about 57-64 ounces depending on your produce and your juicer. This is tasty and VERY ginger-y. It smells good, too.
    #postandshare #tastepainting

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    4. Taste-4


    Gail Moser

    Sharing some of my painted feelings. Control issues are apparent. Never let emotions completely take over rationality, although it looks like Fear is trying hard to get the best of me. Actually, I made the Fear painting nine years ago. It is not an issue for me now, although it was back then.
    What do your paintings tell you about how your mind or body handle emotions? Post and upload your images, and share what insights the experience or your artwork bring to you. I sincerely hope you enjoy this activity, and I am eagerly waiting to see how you communicate your feelings through color and brushstrokes! :-)
    #postandshare #controlissues #nofear

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    Gail Moser

    There was a difference between the types of marks I made with different styles of music. Sharp jagged marks to a lot of percussion, and curlicues to lilting melodies. I used charcoal, and I also used my fingers and the side of my hand to smudge the first layer of charcoal to the music.
    I used a large piece of paper and moved my arms from the elbow, rather than the wrist, so I could put more of my body into making the marks. It felt really good to get that out!
    I think my marks reveal the tension that was hiding just below the surface of my life. On the outside, to my out-of-town house guests I tried to be the gracious, congenial host and appear calm and collected. On the inside I was nearly panicking as, simultaneously, I was missing deadlines for conflicting work commitments.
    Now, you try it! Post your image and share your reflection about your art, and your experience.

    1. Blindfolded-Double-fisted-Mark-Making-2


    Gail Moser

    What we see reflects what is going on in our own psyche, as well as the artist’s. I can tell that this is going to be a very interesting topic.
    Can’t wait to see your paint blot, ListenToYourBody! Be sure to post and upload your image when you’ve finished it.


    Gail Moser

    Did today’s activity help you to hear your body’s messages? Did you experience a physical response in your body from making art? Was it therapeutic to your body or mind? Did it bring you new insight about your body, or your life?
    Post and share your experience here, and attach an image of your artwork!
    #postandshare #uploadimage #insightfromart #arttherapy #tuneinwithart

    Gail Moser
Viewing 5 results - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)