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    In reply to: Body Signs

    Love affirmations. I like to create my own, and then mix them in a sound track with what sound healing tones/textures intuitively feel supportive. Love Louise Haye – love her love meditation before bed.


    In reply to: Daily feedback

    I’m not sure it’s exactly body listening, but I find that I lose things when I’m stressed. It took me a long time to make the association. I’d find myself misplacing everything from keys to kids (just kidding about the kids). I realized that I needed to slow down, be more mindful of myself and my actions, and just allow down time for recharging. Attention to breathing and light meditation was also good. Now I can catch myself right away and avoid losing things and creating even more stress because of that. #stress #mindfulness


    What persons, tools, or sources provide support to you in managing your condition? It could be a patient advocate, a family caregiver, an inspirational website, or maybe a relaxing CD. Please share them with us and use a hashtag to classify it.


    Some examples are below: #meditationsite

    Diary/journal #journal #moodtracking #selfnurture


    What types of tools do you use to get in tune with your body?  Please share them with us.  In your replies, please provide: an example tool, and hash tags that you would use to classify it.

    Here are some examples:

    My Headache Diary #mobileapp

    Fitbit #wearable #aggregatedlistening #listeningtool

    Guided meditation CD

    #meditationaid #setslisteningmode

Viewing 4 results - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)