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    Tools for attending to body:

    Morning #meditation/prayer time#.  I employ traditional first nations prayer time smudging, followed by quiet undisturbed time sitting under a blanket.  I attend to what ever comes to mind and body.  Inclusing thoughts, pictures, images, sensations, feelings, etc.  I acknowledge them and ask what to do in relation to them.

    While I work I regularly do self checks to notice and attend to my #body position#, #body mechanics#, and sensations adjusting throughout the day to ensure that I do not facilitate any pain onset.  I catch it at discomfort and make #incrimental changes# to achieve ease in my body.

    I like to regularly receive #skilled and attentive massage/bodywork# as it helps me notice that which I have not yet noticed.  Invariably self exploration has some inherent limitations and the skilled bodyworked helps me become aware of those “blind spots”


Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)