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    In reply to: Hitting your limit

    Dymond, thank you for the images… they are inspiring.:)

    The life drawing lab sounds awesome.


    Ignoring limits is something that I used to do a lot more too… and the “adrenaline and passion” push is something I know well.:) ¬†Over time, the “knowing” part you talked about has become larger — for me, that means “knowing” the pain better (where it is, how long it will last depending on how I engage with it, how I can make it better), and then dialoguing with myself to decide what to do next. The adrenaline and passion are still there, a critical part of my decision of what to do next, whether it means to keep going, to stop, or something else. #ignorelimits #adrenalinepassionpush #knowing #mentaldialogue

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)