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    Twenty years ago, I had a sensitivity to certain types of foods that was never diagnosed (despite the fact that I saw quite a few health care practitioners). At that time, what would happen is that whenever I had foods that would be considered “staples”, e.g. pasta, bread, rice, noodles, etc., I would feel extremely chilled and lose all of my energy. There were times when, after dinner, I would have on several layers and be lying on the floor, immobilized, despite the 90F weather where I was at the time. When I first started trying to figure out what I was reacting to, it was extremely difficult because I was sensitive to many things including these staples (and still am). As many of you may know, it’s hard to separate these things out.
    When I realized that it was all of the staples, especially pasta, I cut them all out of my diet, for about a decade, I think. At some point, I thought, maybe it would be okay to re-introduce them, and I have. Today, I am able to eat all of those things, though of course I do it in moderation.
    #foodsensitivityovertime #problemsolving

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)