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    Yes, it’s interesting how eliminating and adding foods back can uncover food sensitivities! Now that I’ve almost completely cut my gluten consumption, I’ve noticed some reactions to it that I never singled out before (bloating and discomfort, mostly). What prompted me to give up gluten wasn’t a search for food sensitivities, but rather an attempt to adopt an anti-inflammation diet as a result of a possible Lyme diagnosis and to help with my chronic hip pain.
    I was pointed in the direction of The Lyme Diet by my naturopath who prompted me to do some research. There are several Lyme diets but I learned most about Dr. Kenneth Singleton’s diet. He wrote a book called The Lyme Disease Solution and there is a spin off cookbook called Recipes for Repair. It’s a four phase diet with the first phase being the most restrictive. Then you slowly add foods back to help you uncover any food sensitivities.
    I know this is just one of many elimination diets, not only for treating Lyme Disease but all manner of ailments. I’ve found that it requires a lot of diligence. And, like AppleStudel mentions, it’s strange to all of a sudden have a reaction to foods that you’ve been eating without consequence all of your life! What a mystery the body is!
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    Rachel Carriere
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)