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    3 years ago I developed a chronic hip/groin/SI pain related in part to overexercising.  Despite this, I have still found that avoiding exercising has not helped me.  If I go for two or more days without exercising, my body becomes stiff and my pelvis and SI joint tend to lock up.
    I have found that I need some exercise, but that I have a limit for the kinds of exercise that I can do and the intensity and duration of those exercises.  When I overdue it, I often don’t know until later in the day or the following day from the exercise, so it’s been a lot of trial and error to figure out what is good for me.  I’ve also learned that my body responds to some exercises better than others.  For instance, I have never overdone it through swimming.  Weightlifting feels great up until I’ve done too much.  Biking and running help me stay loose, but I have a time limit there too.  Elliptical machines feel strange, and I’ve always had pain the next day regardless of how long I’ve used it.
    One of the most helpful things for me has been to remember to pay attention to how my body is holding up while I’m exercising, instead of only focusing on pushing myself and burning calories.  If I concentrate on keeping my body aligned and my breathing regular, I can usually buy some time from the dangerous muscle-tension that triggers the intense pain.
    #exerciseinmoderation #findtherightexercises #monitorthemotions #avoidmuscletension

    Rachel Carriere
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)