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    Rachel, the article sounds interesting but unfortunately I am no longer working for the medical school so I don’t have access, and there is a charge of $31.50 to read it. Unless there is another way… :-)
    You mentioned fear being caused by pain, but there is also the possibility that pain is caused by fear (and the stress that comes with it). So does pain cause fear, or does fear cause pain? Who knows, maybe it’s a chicken-and-egg dilemma. But if the pain is caused or held in the body by fears or past trauma, working on those issues with a therapist or even on one’s own (through various methods such as journaling, the Gaga dancing mentioned in the Movement topic, or the intuitive art exercises in the Expressive Art topic) can help illuminate the cause, reduce, and even eliminate the pain.
    I have experienced a lot of my growth through journaling in one form or another. Although I don’t think it is usually associated with mindfulness, as with anything it depends upon how one approaches the practice. With mindful intention on just the thought-to-hand process in the moment, it can be a powerful emotional coping mechanism. There is often a sense of relief and release after committing thoughts to paper. It provides evidence of my process, and can be reviewed later to see just how much I have progressed. And there is a record of it for posterity. 😉
    #fearandpain #journaling #release

    Gail Moser
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)