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  • Brilliant cartoon, Gail! I know that feeling!
    My mood is a good indicator of my physical energy. Often when I find myself getting irritable or anxious too easily I can take a step back and realize that it’s because my body is tired and uncomfortable. I may not notice my physical fatigue until my mood catches up and really causes me to stop and think about the state of my body. This is an area where I could practice better body awareness, because I may be able to stop myself from getting so worked up if I can recognize when my body is tired and take better care of myself before my mood takes a hit!
    #mindbody #moodconnection

    Rachel Carriere

    Exercise usually makes me feel better, but not always. Sometimes its just feeling bad in a way thats different from day to day chronic pain and fatigue. Taking a break from the usual discomfort with some discomfort I have earned. After exercise I feel pain and fatigue from that effort. It can for a time supercede my usual discomforts and I can feel accomplished. I have recently been pondering that as a bicyclist I was predisposed and conditioned to the pains, discomfort and fatigue of long distances in the saddle. This prepped me for chronic illness. I ride much less these days than I used to, but after an effort on the bike I get to feel some of the older, familiar pains and exhaustion and I find it comforting and rewarding until it wears off.


    In reply to: Daily feedback

    Listening to my body, I quit journalling all the symptoms every day, but I am seeing a new GP tomorrow, and listened to my body carefully so I could give her the list. The fine art of navigating the system – I am going to focus on two things that are verifiable and avoid the elephant in the room. Now that I know the reverse lordosis in the cervical spine can be treated I will ask for support for that. I can ask about the skin growths on my face that my body is telling me I should not ignore. Today I listened to my interconnected body. I walked to a creek 10 minutes away. I sat on a warm rock. I felt the warmth of the sun. I listened to the song of the creek. This is me. This is my greater body. My greater interconnected body is a thing of great wonder, majesty, mystery, and mischief. In these places body aches and pains seem irrelevant. But, because I want to live a bit longer, I am questing restoration of the body. Before I get there, I think I need to shift. I need to dig deeper and ground into what wants to emerge and flow through me in this next chapter of life. Time of change.
    headache – hurts to press on head as well – top of head towards back, pain increases when stress increases.
    pain behind right eye
    jaw pain
    right leg cramp when walking, then left leg right flank pain
    Right abdominal pain
    neck stiff
    knee pain
    nausea, low appetite
    dragging left foot (tripped over toe the other day, stubbed left foot when walking today)
    low mood – bummed about health and sister
    dry cough (spouse has this too – been ages had this)
    pain just above ankle, back side
    pain in right foot, outer edge
    difficulty finding words in AM
    red spots on body (spouse has this too)
    growth by eye want to question about
    dry skin
    low body temperature (97.4, am – has been this way for months, not getting as chilled though) rapid aging
    hair loss: pubic, scalp, eyebrows, under arms, legs
    difficulty coping with stress
    difficulty regulating temperature – hot and flushed (12:41)
    Sore throat
    Nose pain
    tremor in left hand, a bit in right
    bi-lateral shoulder burning type pain
    pain right ribcage
    pain in my throat, under my chin


    I am struggling with this so much at this time that just typing the word “exhaustion” and its definition takes my energy level down a few more notches. I feel like I am becoming even more exhausted just thinking about writing about it. I’m sure it’s a mind-body thing but I don’t want to dwell on it. I know you will understand…so I will let you take it from here. Tell me:
    Does your body distinguish between fatigue and exhaustion? Have you ever been so exhausted that you have asked your body “Are you dying?” How have you worked with your body’s messages to bring yourself back into “the land of the living”? What feedback has your body given you during exhaustion that has helped you ultimately to heal?
    #exhaustion #amidying #exhaustionislikedepressionofthebody

    Gail Moser

    Our second week, moderated by Gail Brightmon Moser, explores movement, energy, and fatigue. Within the context of listening to the body, we will look at:

    • Monday: Traditional forms of exercise as help or hindrance;
    • Tuesday: Somatic education and mindful forms of movement, and their effects on our sleep;
    • Wednesday: Energy and our body’s “gas gauge”;
    • Thursday: Forms of subtle energy manipulation like Reiki, and breathing practices like Pranayama;
    • Friday: Fatigue, and how it relates to the ability to sleep; and
    • Saturday: Symptoms and signs of exhaustion, and recovery.

    Gail Moser

    In reply to: Daily feedback

    Listening today to my body: fatigue, headache, low mood, eating to spite no appetite, and I took right action acting on what my body has whispered for a few years – adrenals, adrenals, adrenals.  My most recent notion is that sometimes western medicine seems like a combo of dysfunctional politics and dysfunctional religion, and rather than give my power away to someone with a degree/training, and wait until they find the chapter/verse/persuasion from their view, to simply flow with treatment.  Ask the healer in my own body.  So, today, ordered something for adrenal support and support of the HPA axis.  Each time I take right action in this way, and simply educate myself, then act, my body begins to respond in kind.  Perhaps the power of the placebo, or perhaps, the wisdom of the body.


    In reply to: Hitting your limit

    In the past – I ignored limits – and used adrenaline and passion to push through.  Now, it is fatigue, and body pains, and a knowing – but sometimes, I find the best action when things seem to be really rotten is to go do something you love, and it always helps to have a beloved drag you along.  Last night I got to my first life drawing lab in a year.  The creative fire fueled the moment and it was marvelous to be unaware of the pain.  A special treat.

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    In reply to: Body Signs

    In the “now” I listen to my body, it is extremely fatigued, the back of my eyes ache, my jaws ache, I am depressed about dealing with Western Medicine and ill informed Dr.’s that jump to conclusions and imply that a long list of symptoms is related to a brain aneurysm repair (like how in the heck does hair loss, extreme fatigue, no appetite, weight loss, jaw pain, ear pain, blah, blah, blah relate to a brain aneurysm being repaired).  My body is telling me, not now, the suggested dental work needs to wait, you can’t cope with the stress of a root canal on a tooth that isn’t hurting you right now, something is seriously up, and you need to continue to seek answers.  It is also saying, you over did it a bit yesterday by “pushing” on your walk and going beyond what the body wanted.  My body wants to get in bed and get horizontal and it is thirsty, it wants fluid, lots of fluid.  My body wants a healer.  I am open to facilitation, I am open as well to being my own healer, the right information and support comes to me.  #bodysignals


    In reply to: Daily feedback

    Some intuitive voice, in the fall, when questing answers guided, you don’t listen to your body – listen.  I began to observe beyond the daily chronic headache that came back, and realized, I was in an enormous amount of pain, but given my history, tended to push through it.  My whole body began t0 shut down, and in December it felt like my body was dying. Through a series of listening, journalling, and following counsel from someone to be pro-active and do research, I gained a sense of what might be up.  I had to fight for the tests I thought would be beneficial – and thank goodness I did.  Aneurysm repair. I observe the memory of the rainbow today in my mind, the grumbling of my stomach, the warmth of the cat on my lap, a sore throat, fatigue, pain behind my eyes, right shoulder pain, difficulty breathing deeply, jaw pain/tension, glorious freedom from other aches from weeks before and happiness welling up at being able to do a 1/2 mile walk today, when 3 weeks ago, walking 20 yards was pushing it. I listened to my body, and after a light supper, a warm epsom salt bath, I got horizontal and am relaxing questing this new formula: grace + gratitude = balanced flow.

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