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    I’ve been coping with pudendal neuralgia for several years, among other things. I’ve gotten pretty good at cataloging my pain so that I can understand and recognize it. There’s the dull ache, there’s the burning, there’s the razor sharp cutting pain, and there’s also this strange pulling feeling, like my fascia is about to rip apart. I feel all of these things to different degrees at different times, and in varying combinations. By working on my vocabulary for describing them, it familiarizes them to me and has also helped me pick out sensations that are new or atypical or extreme. This is very helpful to myself, but what I still don’t know is: does the language I’ve chosen for describing my pain make sense to anyone else? Does it help a health care practitioner really know what I’m feeling? I keep hoping so.
    #familiarizepain #whatsinaname

    Rachel Carriere
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)