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    I am actually training for a half marathon right now. I have never trained this hard before and my goal is merely to finish the race, injury-free, even if I never do another race like this again.

    When I set my goal of “injury-free”, I was mainly thinking about my joints and muscles. They have been totally fine. But as my training sessions grew longer and more intense, I noticed that the ends of my toes were developing blisters and eventually they got so I couldn’t ignore them any more – I had to buy new shoes that had a bigger toe box and that were half a size bigger (did you know that your feet change size as they age? I didn’t). I’m four weeks away from the race now so I hope hope hope my toes are healed by race day.

    The training for it means I am running five days a week, I have one cross-training day and one rest day. The runs are three short, one mid and one long one, with the rest day falling the day after the long run. It’s a good thing, because I am usually depleted of energy after that long run. I have noticed that as I get to have more endurance, the short runs are getting easier and I can feel myself getting twitchy when it’s been too long since my last run, indicating it’s time to get moving. (The irony is that I’m tired all the time so it’s hard to get moving, but I have already paid the race registration fee, so I am committed!)  #exerciseisgoodforyou #keepmoving #injuryfreeexercise


    We always hear that exercise is good for us, and that even when we are experiencing chronic pain we should still do it because ultimately we will feel better. I have not always found that to be the case. There was the time when I did a 30-minute workout with weights at the gym – at a relatively low level of intensity for me – and ended up in bed for a few days afterwards. That’s when my body screamed to me: “Don’t. Lift. Weights. When. I. Am. Hurting. So. Much. …and don’t listen to those so-called experts!” So I did some extra soothing and self-care. It’s okay, body, it’s okay. I hear you. I won’t do that to you again. Just enjoy soaking in this nice bath I’ve made for you with Epsom salts and lavender essential oil.
    When I was feeling better I resumed the same workout schedule and everything was fine for a while; then on a random day – and seemingly apropos of nothing – Boom! I got sidelined again. And I listened to my body. The result? I don’t go to the gym anymore; I developed a gentle routine that I do at home. I use very light weights and work all of my muscle groups, but not to failure or exhaustion. My body is much happier now, and I don’t have to pay for a gym membership. It’s a win-win for the two of us. :-)
    How about you? Does exercise always make you feel better? Is exercise ever NOT good for you? How does your body let you know? Can you hear your body better during or after exercise? Have you used the signals you’ve received from your body to adjust your exercise regimen? How do you make that feedback loop work?
    #bodymovement #exerciseisgoodforyou #post-exertionalmalaise #gentleworkout

    Gail Moser
Viewing 2 results - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)